Friday, April 3, 2009

Khia Attacks LisaRaye, 50 Cent

Khia (remember her?) goes all in on LisaRaye, ex-wife of former Turks & Caicos premier Michael Misick.

We don't know why Khia is going in this hard at LisaRaye, but it's quite entertaining.

Please do enjoy.
"Let’s talk numbers!!! .. ..COUNTLESS LISA…..LISA Without the CULT JAM!!!! Hoe you took tricking to a whole nother level… BITCH you knew you was wrong for tryna trap the COUNT into marriage!!! We talkin bout dem trifflin yella-ass Hoes!!!! Thought your PUSSY had GOLD on it….. Talkin bout you was a 100 stack BOOTY call!!! You know them Turkish women aint got no respect for you Chile!!! They should have whooped your ass cause they don’t play that hoe shit ova there… Those queens knew you had stankin skin…They could smell you from miles away… You tried to TRICK the King but now the JOKE is on you….. He don’t want dat loose pussy no moe!!! Go HOME… Trina’s Twin Sista!!!

"No….Yall hoes is the TRICKIN-TRIPLETS…. Lisa, Trina and Deelishis!!! Lisa-Raye He done fucked you and sent your TIRED ass home!!! You gonna have to leave with what you came with… NUTHIN!!! Talkin bout you being a FIRST LADY….You will neva be Michelle Obama!!! Go back to the POLE and low budget ass films as you know!!! Hoe’s tryna get the King out his money!!!!!! Gurl Booo!!!!! You are an EMBARASSMENT to all women…. Using that OLD decrepit BODY for your own selfish gain! Why you aint have his baby Hoe???? ..That would have been the ultimate come up???? Oh I forgot… If you COULDA you WOULDA… Pussy don’t work no more… Bitch…. You can’t afford the BENTLEY????? Yep… It’s going Baccccccck!!!!YOU USE TO JETS??????JET….DRY….DRY YOUR WEEPING EYES….. Keep It Real Hoe!… You can’t PAWN them CLOTHES and FRONT-LACE wigs!!.. I don’t even feel sorry for this bitch..I tried to told yall… ..Nasti Muzik 09!!!! .. .. ..Nowwwwwwww……. While we talkin bout TRICKIN-TRIPLETS"

She wasn't done. She also has something to say to 50 Cent and Rick Ross about their ongoing fake feud.

“Moving right along…….G-G-G-G U-NOT….. .. ..What is going on with Curtis and Officer Ricky Ross???? Now I done told yall… Officer Ricky.. Ticky.. Timbo.. No Surrender… Said he wasn’t no Correctional Officer… Just like dem hoes said they wasn’t no Hoes!!! But where are they Now??????.It seems like ever since the Queen been serving pot roast all these fake ass niggas and hoes are starting to get exposed.. Curtis I think I’m in love cause you been really showing out lately…….. Now don’t get me wrong… I FUCKS with both of Em… But it’s a damn shame we got actors in the Rap game ……. How in the HELLLL they supposed to be G’s and I got Moe CHARGES than both of Em put together??? Case Closed!!!"
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Anonymous said...

This Bitch Is Jealous And Oh So Ugly!!!

If You Want To Talk About No Talent!!!! Kia's Name Would Be Mentioned In That Conversation! Bitch You Wish A Nigga Would Call You For That Stanking Pussy! Bitch!!! Niggas Talk Dummy!!!! We All Know You Got The Nasty Puss Puss! :+) If That Bitch Want's To Charge 100.000 For Her Pussy. How Is That Your Broke Ass Business? I Mean For Real! Get A Life Bitch Or A Job!!! The Recession Got To You To Boo? You Doing Whatever You Have To For Publicity? Just Like Trina Said: Ya Neck And Ya Back/ Bitch You Know Was Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO I'm Having An Herbal Refreshment!!!! I Never Did This Comment Stuff Before. This Is Fun I'm Really Going In Huh? Any way Bitch Get It Together Don't Hate, Trina Is Better Then You!!! She Can't Even Rap!!!!!! Broke BloodClots Always Have Some BullShit To Spew!!!!


Your Cool Wendy Keep UP The Good Work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant even front I agree with Khia.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

khia is soooooo pathetic...i mean after that one hit she had waaay back when who even thought about that bitch until her whack ass went on that whack ass show?...really....talkin bout lisaraye a broke hoe and trina aint gettin money bitch trina had a fuckin number album while yo broke ass goin on reality tv tryna win the fuckin 100,000 dollars that she keep in her goddamn purse to go shopping with...and babygirl it sounds like ur hating on the "trickin triplets" because they're light-skinned...yo ass on the radio in detroit talkin bout light-skinned girls are usually hoes and have AIDS...what the fuck kinda ignant ass shit is that to say??? dark-skinned and i was offended by the dumb turnin into fuckin 50 cent weak ass gettin yo publicity from tryna go hard on somebody else bitch worry about you and your you even see how you portray yourself?'re an embarrassment to yourself and ya family name bitch!!...and by the way you talkin bout lisaraye havin babies while it looks like yo ass done had about 12!!!...wit those saggin ass titties and stretchmarks every goddamn where bitch you are motherfuckin through...get ya money up hoe

Anonymous said...

Khia is one dumb ass tack head bitch. She just tryin to throw salt, cause she ain't got shit else to do. I never liked khia and never well. At least all the women she talking about got they money up. Khia go get some palmers coco butta for the nasty as stretch marks, get ya hair done and ya ugly ass face fixed. That bitch ain't nothing and ain't nobody buying that bitch bootleg cd's she pushing out that shopping cart.

Anonymous said...

Khia's dirty, nasty, ugly, skank ass needs to stop. She wish she looked like Lisaraye or Trina. She is the one who probably spreading her legs and spreading disease. At the rate she going she will never be successful..

Anonymous said...

Khia who? this bitch stays takinq shit about other people but there makinq more money then her.i dont even think 50 cent would if have a comeback for her ass because she is so unknown she needs to qrow up & qet those damn eyebrows down with her saqqy ass titties . she has too much hate in her blood

Anonymous said...

Khia go back to Tampa! Girl stop trying to make yourself seem. You should so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Khai you sound so stupid. Go back to Jackson Heights!

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