Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LA Lakers Star Derek Fisher Gets Restraining Order Against a CRAZY, DELUSIONAL Nutcase

Damn, there are some really (and we mean, really) mentally ill people out here. People that will make you lock your doors and not venture outside. Ever!

Case in point: Symone Fisher.

According to court documents, Symone has been stalking Los Angeles Lakers player Derek Fisher since 2001. The 40-year-old, legally changed her last name to Fisher and has sent Derek a number of e-mails, messages on social networking sites and letters claiming to be his wife, even though the two have never met and she recently began showing up at the Lakers training facility in El Segundo and near his home.

Derek went to court yesterday seeking a restraining order against the crazy woman. (It was granted.)

"Her repeated attempts to contact me, her delusional notions that we are married, her angry and hostile tirades against me, her appearance at my place of work, and her recent travels near and around my place of residence are all extremely frightening to me," Derek Fisher said in the request for a restraining order.

Derek Fisher's head of personal security, Duran McGregory, said Symone sent the basketball star CDs containing love songs during the 2001-02 NBA season and changed her name to Fisher during the 2005-06 season. McGregory said Symone Fisher wrote in letters that God wanted Derek Fisher and her to be together and that they should be married.


[See some of her Tweets to Derek after the jump]


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