Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Melissa Rivers Explains Seismic 'Apprentice' Blow-Up

If you're fans of the Celebrity Apprentice as we are, then you were waiting for last Sunday's episode after it was teased in the episode prior "Rivers Delivers!" We had to know what the hell went down. And boy, oh, boy was it something.

Melissa Rivers, who felt like an outcast after teammates Annie Duke and Brande Roderick conspired to get her fired. And they were successful, because Melissa was let go. To our shock and amazement; Brande should have been fired!

But, here comes the part where "Rivers Delivers!"

Melissa and her mother Joan (whom we looooooooooove and adore, btw) went berserk on Annie, Brande and producers.

Joan called Brande a "stupid blonde" and Annie a "white trash" poker player. And together: they were deemed "a Nazi and a follower."

Plus, Melissa refused to provide an exit interview - the first time ever that happened, we think.

But months after the show wrapped, Melissa apologizes for losing her cool, and says it was was bottled up emotions which were gonna explode some day.

"I kept all my emotions under control in the boardroom," she said. "Am I pleased I blew up? No. Did I say what I think a lot of people wanted to say to the clique that threw them under the bus? Absolutely."

She says she returned to the show the next day and apologized.

"I really wanted to take a deep breath. It had been a very difficult few weeks of being attacked emotionally and personally. There's only so much you can take."


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