Monday, April 13, 2009

Queen Latifah Better Pay Up or Her Gay Card Will be Pulled

It looks like Queen Latifah will be dragged out of the closet, if she doesn't settle the $1 million lawsuit brought by her ex staffers.

Since she wasn't dragged out at last year's People's Choice Awards, as speculated, her sexual orientation will be played out in court, should this case goes to trial.

Who here thinks Queen Latifah is straight? She's already said sex with men is gross.

How You Doin, Queen Latifah!?
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Anonymous said...

It's kind of annoying that she hasn't come out yet. It's like Clay Akien, EVERYONE knows. I'd still see her movies if she come out, no one cares.

Anonymous said...

Queen Latifah, Do what Queens do best! Let everyone wonder and live the life your supposed to!

Ms. HoneyBottom said...

I disagree with the sudden interest in artist.
Lifestyles why I ask are so many fans or the
Eager bemuse by gay interest? Is lack of one's
own hidden problems and furthermore. This invasion of one's privacy...believe me Gay and
willing. I reside in Sweden yes same sex marriage has pass. In Sweden no back to Latifah
argument does it matter. See this not the
fans apparent interest. The vindictive Lesbian
"media" call me opininated. Because Latifah
shall dine the evening late night. Fish delight
you resent her shall it make your. Struggle
of Gay identiy paramount in America? Answer up!
Respect someones privacy and get off the ego
trip! If you acknowledge or perceive this your
assumption. I could go on the purpose of my
response the American. Gay community should
stop ...attempting to out artist. Because there
so called fight. Use your effort elsewhere believe me when artist. Choose to come out shall it enhance local problems? Answer is no
Latifah if your reading this I support. Your
decision this your business not I continue. Making your fans happy with talent you have.
As they ...say in show business (Get Down) girl!

Bruh L said...

Well, its not like Halle all of a sudden would
come out as a lesbian, know what I mean??? Its
been speculated about, and assumed, looooooong
ago, that Latifah was/is gay, and she still has
the support of fans everywhere. If she came out,
I don't really see it affecting her career very
much. She has talent, and has already proven
herself in music and in films. Besides, society
is far easier on celebrity lesbians than they
are the males. This is why so few gay men in the
industry are willing to come out, and even fewer
gay men of color.

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