Thursday, April 16, 2009

What You May Not Know About 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Co-Star Kandi Burruss

When we read the the interview newest "Real Housewives of Atlanta" castmate Kandi Burruss gave to Atlanta TV station WSBTV, it got us to thinking.

Kandi was asked if she still keeps in touch with the former Xscape members, to which she said: "Well, Tiny [TI's baby's mama] and I are still cool...we still hang out and we talk all the time. But I don't really talk as much to the others, the sisters."

In earlier interviews, she said she doesn't talk to the "sisters" - Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott - "at all."

Why you ask?

We're not one to gossip, but....

Tamika has said Kandi was sleeping with Jermaine Dupri who was the group's producer! And that wasn't it! She slept with JD's best friend and.... (wait for it)... JD's father Michael Mauldin!!!! And plenty-o other men, including Gerald Levert, Shek'spere, NFL player Chuck Smith, Block, and Brandon Casey of the group Jagged Edge.

Are you gagging yet?!?

Kandi also suffered a nervous breakdown and shaved her hair off -- all of it. And that was before Britney and Cassie made it famous.

She also says she's engaged to A.J. Jewell who "dibbles and dabbles in the industry". But reports have since surfaced that he is a drug dealer with six children and doesn't pay child support.

Suffice it to say, season two of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" should be interesting.

(And for those of you out of the loop, DeShawn Snow was dropped.)
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Anonymous said...

so they dropped a nice christian woman to make space for some passaround woman? smt

Sunshyne said... how long of a period was it that she slept with all these people before we start pointing the finger? Sleeping with JD and his dad is scandalous, but we don't know the situation btwn her and erbody else.

BOSSUP said...

LOL Tiny also slept around ALOT too, she was a get down girl in the biz for a minute also!! Hmm maybe that's why the two hoodrats still remain friends, can't piss one or the other off cause then all the DIRTY DIRT would be aired for all to know!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Damn, I even tapped Kandi's kitty kat but I am not going to kiss and tell...well not exactly.

One night we had met at a popular night club owned by Alex Gideon (AG Ent.) I offered to buy her a drink and at first she was reluctant but I guess my charm won her over. I had secured a VIP section for me and some of my high profile guests and I invited her to sit with us. After a while, she started rubbing on my pants which I was a bit surprised but then I just had to blame it on the alcohol. She leaned over to me and said " I am horny and I want to f**k you!" My first action was maybe I was hearing things but then she grabbed my cock and said she wanted to leave and wanted me to take her home. Of course because of the gentleman that I am we soon left. I told her that I was staying at the Four Seasons restaurant for a couple of days and asked did she want to come up for a night cap for which she eagerly replied "yes" Suffice to say we made love for several hours and I had to tell her to chill because I had a basketball game the next day and I had to preserve my energy for the court. The next day she and I had breakfast in bed before I had to send her on her way. We briefly stayed in contact but because I was married I didnt think it was best to continue the communication. She would constantly text me messages asking if we could meet in other cities but I had to cut her off because her behavior was becoming very aggressive. Anyway, I was in town for another game a couple of weeks ago and she happened to be in the front row. I was about to take a free throw shot and she called my name out and of course I missed the shot when I saw who it was.

Anonymous said...

kandi does not even drink so that is a big lie. For her to be in the industry for about 15 years and we know abou5 guys really is that a lot of men

lolabunny said...

I thought the name of the show was/is Real Housewives.... Is she even married ?

Anonymous said...

That's a good point! When did Kandi become a Housewife? From what I understand she has never been married. Bravo wake up!

Anonymous said...

She's single...who cares?

Anonymous said...

I think the whole Housewives name is a tongue in cheek gesture. Not made to be real... I think Deshawn Snow was the only one who took the name Housewives for real.. that is why she is gone.

As for the guy, who so-called kissed and told about are lying. And you are awfully nasty about it too!

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