Thursday, April 9, 2009

Xzibit Avoids Talking About the Night Diddy Took Him to a Gay Club. Again.

Xzibit is trying again to clear up his prior statements that Diddy took him and Superhead to a gay club. He explained it before, but in a new interview with BET's Clay Cane, he backpedals faster tries to move forward.

When all of that drama came out about Diddy and the gay club, you made a comment on your MySpace about homophobia and hip hop. Do you think homophobia is a big issue when it comes to hip hop?
It started as just common place; it was just part of the language. I think the overtones that it creates, is not what really exists. I don't think if you are gay and you go to a hip-hop club that you'll get beat up for being gay. That's not what is going to happen. I think words are the way that people express themselves—just like if you say bitch on a rap record for a long time you can rally thousands of women that will say that's incorrect. You can't focus on one single thing or bad aspect of what happens in hip hop and try to blanket it. That's not the root of the problem. It exists, I think it's how you portray it, and it’s how you use it. You gotta paint with a broad brush when you talk about homophobia because it's a lot of things that exist in hip hop that aren't exactly right, but it's part of the landscape.

But, were you surprised at how people freaked out about what you said on the radio about going to a gay club with Diddy?
No, people want to draw eyeballs to their sites—that's not even what I said. If you're going to quote me, at least quote what I said. But, it's more exciting to say, “He took me to a gay club.” The problem I saw was, it's not they were trying to get headlines, but the fact that they were trying to say it's a negative thing—period—to be gay. You know what I'm saying? Off top! You can't really shoot people down because if we're going to start that we might as well start from square one and jump off the slave ship! [Laughs]

Don't you just love how he evades the question of whether Diddy took him to a How You Doin' club or not. Or whether Diddy invited him to a How You Doin club or not.

Being gay is fabulous! Our gay friends are fabulous! We can't and don't knock that.


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