Monday, February 23, 2009

Diddy Took Xzibit to a Gay Club!

So, rapper Xzibit is dragging Diddy further out of the closet in this recent interview from Jamie Foxx's radio show.

The story is set in Miami. As the rappers party and while the night was still young, Diddy (known then as Puffy) suggest they go to a club. So he took Xzibit - with Superhead in tow - to a gay club.

Well, Superhead wrote about this in her book, but this is perhaps the first time Xzibit co-signed.

Is 2009 the year Diddy will finally come out of the closet? He's already given us hints. Plus, Wendy has long exposed him as gay; she almost lost her career over it.

He tells the Jamie Fox Foxxhole show:

Sidebar: What is Jamie Foxx doing in such muddy waters. His he not afraid his secrets will be revealed, too?
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hmong411 said...

Xzibit lmao. This is just about pditty being gay? I was afraid xzibit would say he didnt know it was a gay bar. They have signs at clubs there "this is a gay bar". Thanks for clearing that up. No "wink wink nudge nudge" here. What was xzibit saying in a freestyle about taking pills that damage his spinal fluids? So a guy isnt gay if he takes gay club drugs and gets "butthungry". "I'm comin out" yeah pditty, we are still waiting.

Anonymous said...

what is the name of this club?

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