Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexually Assaulting Band Member

Call it Harlem Boys Choir scandal 2.0.

The head of the Brooklyn Steppers marching band, who performed at President Obama's inauguration parade, has been fired and barred from contact with students after a ten-month investigation showed that he was having an "inappropriate" relationship with a band member.

Tyrone Brown, 31, (pictured) admits that he's "very hands-on with my kids", but denies anything sexual happened between him and the 17-year-old female student/band member.

But here's what the NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation found in their investigation.

- At a meeting at Tyrone's house in May 2008, the alleged victim - who was already at the house - answered the door in her pajamas. He never attended the meeting, opting to remain in his bedroom.

- In June 2008, Tyrone called a staff meeting at the Brooklyn Program office
located inside Boys and Girls High School where he admitted to the staff that he had done inappropriate things, was sorry for them, and had not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings and was moving to Atlanta to get some help.

- The mother of the alleged victim told investigators she allowed Tyrone to pick
up her daughter and take her to school in the morning because she had begun cutting

- August 2008, the student showed a staff member a sexually explicit text message on her cell phone, which she said came from Tyrone.

- Two days before a band trip to Bermuda, Tyrone was seen with the student in question at Victoria’s Secret buying lingerie.

- While in Bermuda, they had had adjoining hotel rooms and were reportedly inseparable and were seen holding hands as they walked about the hotel. While in Bermuda, Renita Leonce, a former band member now an employee of the center, said she had sex Tyrone.

- Phone records show at least 10 calls from the student to Tyrone's home very late at night - between the hours of 12:36 am and 3:37 am. This doesn't include the 379 calls made from her cell phone - which Tyrone bought for her - to his home phone and the 2,999 text messages in one month!!!

Hmmmmm... sounds fishy to us. He is going down!

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