Wednesday, May 6, 2009

James Frey Suggests He Knows Oprah's Big Secret

Author James Frey, whose first book - thanks to Oprah - sold millions of copies. That same book, which was discovered to be filled with lies. Well, mostly. Oprah invited him back on her show to give him a good tongue lashing. (If you saw it, you knew it was classic!)

But, instead of quietly going into the good night, James is now suggesting he has audio tapes of Oprah that reveals "startling information" about the talk show queen. He made those claims in the paperback version of his new book which includes two passages omitted from the hard cover version.

The new section contains a story about someone caught up in a highly publicized controversy and a television show that he knows is going to end badly for him. When he feels people "turning on him," he starts taping all his phone calls, including some with "the producers of the show, the executive producer of the show." After getting publicly eviscerated, he tapes one with "the host," where she checks to make sure he isn't "going to hurt himself" and reveals some startling information about herself. ... Near the end of the passage, the narrator informs us that he has made copies of the tapes and distributed them to friends for safekeeping. ... "Someday he might discuss it," the book says. "Someday he might tell his side of it. Someday he might play the tapes. Someday."

We're calling James bluff on this, and question whether this a publicity stunt to sell more copies of the book. (The original hard back version sold marginally well.)

Plus, what could he possibly say about Oprah that we don't already believe? That she's a crackhead? Or that she and Gayle are lovers?

And How YOU Doin', James. Now, look down!

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Anonymous said...

I remember the 2nd visit. Oprah got bold him using a line like "Oh you DID come correct" Go head Oprah!

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