Friday, May 29, 2009

Kara DioGuardi Outs Adam Lambert

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert, who has been coyly noncommittal about his sexuality -- despite the various photos of him online kissing his a man and flaunting his new boyfriend, 24-year-old interior designer Drake LaBry about the "Idol" set -- will come out in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in next month's edition.

But "Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi beat the magazine to the punch and outed Adam - well, she just confirmed what everyone already knew - on "The View" this morning.

Barbara Walters: There are those who said that the black hair, the nail polish ... there are those who said that his sexuality may have made a difference, that younger women or whatever, feeling that he was perhaps gay, did not vote for him. Do you think that made any difference?

Kara: Well, first of all, I hope not. Because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and they both had that. Um, I don't think that Adam was ever in, so I'm ... I think he was always openly ... out.

Barbara: But did you think he was always openly out? Because that's not the perception that people have.

Kara: I think he was. From what I've seen on the ... various forms of things. I do. I never thought he ... wasn't.

[video after the jump]

PS: Remember when Miss Clay Aiken tried to diss Adam earlier this week?

Adam tells E!:
“I don’t know Clay. I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before. If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him.”

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