Friday, May 29, 2009

Ex-'Charm School' Contestant 'So Hood' is 'So Effing Delusional'

As we've said before, "Charm School With Ricki Lake" is the most degrading - yet vastly entertaining - show on TV; we can't stop watching, which is VH1's goal. However, what we really live for are the interviews from the students who were expelled or dropped out. Which brings us to "So Hood."

This stripper has us cracking the hell up. She, like her feeble-minded friend Ki Ki, allege that the show is racist. But "So Hood", unlike anyone in reality TV before her, likens herself to Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X!

Frankly, she must have fallen and bumped her head while leaving jail, tripped while greeting her supposed fans or someone must have punched her in the face, 'cause she has lost her damn mind!

Here's the hilarious interview.

What are your thoughts about this whole ordeal?
I thought it was a bunch of bulls***. It was a wreck from Day 1. I had a feeling when I first walked in the house that something like this was going to take place. I tried to stick it out and sure enough, come the second elimination, some bulls*** happened.

What was the problem?
Ricki does not get both sides of the story. She allowed people into her office: some she invited, some requested to go see her. Basically, snitches. I never ran to her to tell her what was going on, which I guess now I should have. But I followed by the street code: no snitching. I hate snitches. So a lot of people ran to her, and she never got Ki Ki’s side of the story. I had a weird feeling when I stepped off that bus and saw Ricki there, but I really wanted to change and I went through hell and high water to get to Charm School. Ricki’s trying to teach women to be charming, but that talk show she had was not a charming show. I have no problem with it. I love trash like that. I love all these crazy, who’s-the-father DNA-type shows. But how can she teach women to be charming?

Was there anything besides Ki Ki’s elimination that pissed you off besides the fact that Ricki didn’t talk to her before eliminating her?
Ashley and Marcia were up for elimination, too. Ashley had displayed physical violence. From Day 1, Farrah and her and all those girls were ganging up on Brittaney. They threw food at that girl. They treated her like a garbage can. She may be annoying or a porn star or whatever the hell her case is. But Ashley is a stripper. Strippers and porn stars are like cousins! Who’s Ashley to poke fun at a porn star? I used to strip. I have nothing bad to say about a porn star. I’ve never done it, but I know about that business. Marcia is a flat-out drunk. She doesn’t need Charm School, she needs AA. Marcia attempted to quit the night before, but you didn’t see that. Ki Ki wanted to be there. That right there was totally unfair and at that point, I knew that Ricki could not teach me anything. I was gonna hate her everyday after that.

In the interviews shown around your departure, it seemed that you considered your leaving to be almost a political move.
Absolutely. I was told if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything. You have to stand for something in life. I’m a fun girl, I’m a party girl. I like to take shots of whatever, but when the party’s over, and you’re trying to change…I gave up a lot of things to go to Charm School. My son went to live with his dad. I put a lot on the line. I really did make an attempt to change. I changed my outer appearance. I changed my inner appearance. I did all of that and I felt like I was in a race I couldn’t win with Ricki. She has no idea. I think people need to remember that if you’re in a situation and you feel like you don’t like it, get out of that situation. I wouldn’t have been comfortable being in that house knowing what happened, knowing that I could be on the chopping block for some he say/she say and that I wouldn’t be able to get my word across. ‘Cause if it got to that point? All f*** hell woulda went crazy. I probably would have lost my mind, so it was better that I removed myself from the situation completely. Like I said, I am the ‘09 version of Dr. Martin Luther King.

That’s quite a comparison.
I am! I know everybody’s laughing, but I feel like ‘09 is the year for change. That’s all our president talks about is change, change, change. And I’m following by that motto. I’m out here trying to put some ideas together to pitch. I think So Hood needs her version of Charm School. There’s a lot out here that I can teach. I get all these ideas from my fans. I live for them. So Hood belongs to the fans.

Bay Bay Bay tweeted about a fight between you and Brittanya. Did you get into it with her before you left?
Oh yes I did! That unstable creature is fake from head to toe. She takes those tattoos and tries to cover up them stretch marks and imperfections on her body, but I see under all of that. Brittanya and I had an issue because she was saying if anybody ever f*** with her, she would spit on them. I don’t play that s***. If you’re looking to commit suicide, that’s the best way to do it, because I will f***ing kill you if you ever spit on me. I don’t know what barn her ass was raised in if she thinks spitting on someone is OK. She kept talking about she’s got this case, she’s got this case. Well, I wanted to know more about this case. It can’t be nothing major. She’s talking about out on bail. It’s probably a few hundred dollars. I mean, who’s not out on bail? I’m out on bail! We all out on bail! I’m out on bail, too, but it’s a minor charge. She wants to take something so minor and play like it’s so big. She’s playing this tough-guy role, and I told her, “If I ever leave out these doors, you better look out.” When I was leaving, after I said, “F*** Charm School,” she was the first person I saw, and I slapped the f*** out of her, and I threw a drink on Marcia. I wanted to show them how it felt to be treated like a garbage can. I gave them a taste of their own medicine, but I don’t spit on people. That’s horrible. That’s nasty. There’s f***in’ swine flu going around here and you’re spitting on people. So, I tried to slap those piercings out of her face.

So what did she do in response?
She did not hit me back. She just went on barking at the mouth like she always does. If you didn’t know any better, you might think she’s actually tough, but I’m here to prove that she’s not. I know that was crazy, but hey, I told her. Of course, in my school, I wouldn’t teach anyone to display violence. But I was willing to go to jail for that one.

You compare yourself to Martin Luther King Jr., but you understand that he preached nonviolence, right?
That moment I was Malcolm X! But all the rest of the time I was Martin Luther King. After I was at the club this weekend, I actually got into a fight. I’m talking to you with a black eye right now.

Was it worth it?
Yeah, it definitely was. I got my first black eye. It’s a weird feeling. I guess I officially got my street cred.

You’re walking around with a black eye, though.
I had to show ‘em what I was really about. I was actually caught off guard. A fan tried to rob me. They tried to take my purse and my shoes. I’m a real woman. Real women aren’t scared of black eyes.

You were talking to your boyfriend on the show. Since you told me before that were having trouble finding a man, that’s good, right? Things are looking up in that aspect of your life?
No, he’s in jail! So of course, hello? Are we still together? No, he’s in jail. I’m back on the market. Do I not have the worst luck ever? I’m all screwed up when it comes to men.


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