Friday, May 29, 2009

Look at These Future Strippers Werk

Earlier this week, How You Doin' "Spectacular" from some group called Pretty Ricky - we still have no idea who he is or who the group is - was dropping like it's hot all around the Internet.

We think he picked up those moves from these aspiring strippers/video hoes. Based in Atlanta, these "classy" young ladies form a groupd called the "Twerk Team" - which consists of five girl friends making their asses clap. Not surprisingly, their videos have garnered millions of views on Youtube. We can all but assume, most of the views were done by men with their hands in their pants and tissue near by.

Lets hope this boy doesn't find these videos.

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Anonymous said...

This is insane.... now I'm sooooo not a hater, but talk about setting back womens lib 50 years!!!! Ladies please keep your assets behind closed doors for the personal viewing pleasure of your significant other.... not the entire world wide web!!!!

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