Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Method Man, Redman Name Who They'd Most Like to Smoke (Weed) With

Despite admitting he forgot to pay taxes because he was high, Method Man (along with his music partner Redman) answered questions posed to them by New York magazine on the subject of - you guessed it - marijuana (ummm, weed).

We have some silly weed questions, if that’s okay.
Method Man: You ain’t gonna get me to talk about no weed. I ain’t got nothing to say about no weed. I’m an active member of my community; I’ll do it on records cause half the teachers and coaches don’t listen to records anyways. But they do read interviews. You wanna answer weed questions?
Redman: What’s it about? I can’t be answering too much shit, I gotta go to court. I forgot. For real, that shit is real talk. I gotta go to court for some bullshit. I’ll answer some.

Uh, okay. What’s the perfect weed-smoking scenario?
Redman: If I could set the scene perfectly for smoking weed — it’d be with a nice beautiful chick with an ass and some pretty feet. And she blow, too.

Who’d you smoke with if you could smoke with anyone?
Redman: If I could smoke with Cheech & Chong …
Method Man: Cheech don’t smoke no more.
Redman: If they smoked I would love to smoke with them.
Method Man: Willie Nelson seems like he’d be fun.
Redman: I would love to smoke with …
Method Man: Woody Harrelson!
R: Yeah, Woody Harrelson

These two are hilarious! They also say there will be a How High 2, but it won't actually be a sequel to the 2001 film. It'll be a different movie "but we are gonna do another movie together, we’re just not gonna call it How High 2."

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