Thursday, May 21, 2009

'New York' Wears a $12,000 Wig! Just So You Know.

"New York" aka Tiffany Pollard took some time out of her reality taping schedule to answer some of her "fans'" questions. Many of them were haters, as expected, but one of her answers really stood out to us: her wig costs $12,000! That's what she said.

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Anonymous said...

If NY paid $12,000(which I doubt)for hair that is not looking too much better than all the other weaves/wigs she wears she is more stupid than I thought.

Someone conned her big time. They scored a clear profit of $11,800 and are somewhere laughing their ass off.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not the hair - it's her face.

Kevin-Dunwoody said...

I've seen her Mother...but what does her Father look like, in order to create a face like that on another human being?

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