Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uh-oh. 'The Fashion Show' SUCKS!!!

Since "Project Runway" jumped ship for Lifetime, Bravo had to do something. And we would have preferred if they didn't.

Their "Runway" Canal Street knock-off called "The Fashion Show" is a snore fest.

After watching the first episode, we wondered: Where is Tim Gunn and when is he going to walk through those double doors and kick Isaac Mizrahi (whom we adore) to the curb?

And another thing: Why is Kelly (one of those other chicks from Destiny's Child) Rowland a judge!? On a fashion competition!? She brings nothing to the table. Drawing any comparisons between her and supermodel Heidi Klum should get you shot - or at least, have your fashion card taken away. In fact, their names shouldn't even be in the same sentence.

Each episode there's a mini-challenge (like on "Top Chef") then the main challenge where contestants duke it out on the triangular runway (probably on loan from the "A-List Awards"). This is where "the fashion show" part of the program comes in. Unlike "Runway", there's an audience and they get to vote on the looks, too. But, ultimately, it's the judges who decide who leaves and who stays to design another day.

The best thing about the show is a contestant named Merlin. If you love drama - and we know you do - you will LOVE him. Ehaow!

BTW: "The Fashion Show" premiers tonight on Bravo. But we say wait for the August 20 season premier of "Project Runway" on Lifetime.

Bye, bye, darling.

Here's a sneak peek.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA. I just watched the 1st episode. It's awful. But I DO love Merlin; I met him earlier this year and he's fantastically funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more- this "Project Runway" knock-off is terrible. The quality of designers is so poor, and the "judges/co-hosts" are about as exciting to watch as paint dry. I love Issac Mizrahi but what the f*ck is Kelly Rowland doing on the show??? How does being one-third of a washed up girl group make you a fashion expert? The most hilarious part of the whole first episode was when she said she wouldn't be caught dead wearing some of the fashions... does she remember those vegas-stripper style outfits Tina Knowles "stlyed" for her and the rest of Destiny's Child???? The whole thing is laughable. I predict a few more episodes before Bravo chunks this show in the dump (where it belongs).

Kim said...

I couldn't even look at it all. i was done after the little black t-shirt dress challenge.

Anonymous said...

This show is a horror for several reasons.

1. The Mini Challenge is totally not needed and takes away from watching the designers (and I use that term loosely) design and construct.

2. Isaac is way too bitchy in this part, and he IS playing a part. He has none of the warmth and naturalness of Tim Gunn in this.

3. Kelly Roland is useless and has left most people wondering and asking why she's there.

4. This crop of 'designers' (again used very loosely) are all supposed to be experienced and 'in the business'. Excuse me? In a word, the vast majority of them are just awful. And I mean AWFUL. There are only manybe two decent garments designed and made and how the hell can you be a designer if you can't sew? There is also a very high Freak Factor. A few among the group is expected, but there seems way too many. Johnny and Merlin alone, are so over the top, they're off the Freak Meter by a mile. Merlins is also just a mean bitch.

In Episode 2, BOTH of the bottom two should have been sent home, just just the one.

All in all, this is vinyl to Project Runway's leather.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Rowland is a no talent hag who has no clue what she is doing. She makes nasty comments about what the designers are making as if she knows what she is talking about. Really there was NOBODY else they could of gotten? I think Simon from Housewives NYC would of been a better choice.

Johnny said...

Could it be any worse! DOUBTFUL! Isaac M...lets just say he need to watch himself a little more from the other side of the camera! Even the designers are 2nd hand! Kinda makes me think this the K-Mart of the design shows! Bravo really screwed this one up! But...if you are looking for crap, stay tuned! There is always the NY, LA, and Atlanta drama from the Hoes! And now, I think we have just reached a little deeper in the pockets of those clothes designed by "The Fashion Show" pubescent drama! The Real somethings!!!!!!! So memorable, I cant even remember the name! Uggg! OK, looks like I am moving to The Lifetime Channel! You go Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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