Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's Doctor Has 6 Kids With 5 Baby's Mothers

Michael Jackson’s personal doctor has six kids by five different women, it was claimed yesterday.

Dr Conrad Murray, who is being questioned by investigators about Michael’s death — has also failed to pay child support.

One of those baby's mothers — nurse Nenita Malibiran — took him to court in 1998 for child support.

“We went through all the different children that Murray had — and who all the mothers were," her lawyer Julie Brown said. “The father was not paying support. Ms Malibiran had to go to the district attorney’s child support division to get a collection against him.”

Dr Murray filed for bankruptcy in 1992 and also owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts. He has been hit with nine lawsuits in three years for unpaid bills.

Last month office - leasing company Rogers Northwest filed a suit for $201,898 against Murray and Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute — the practice he runs in Houston, Texas, with his sister — for unpaid rent, according to court records.

Los Angeles police quizzed Dr Murray for three hours as a witness on Saturday. He is suspected of giving the star a shot of Demerol before he collapsed.


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Anonymous said...

He sounds like he has enough personal problems to have a clear head to deal with other people's problems.

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