Friday, June 12, 2009

Nanny Claims Kate Gosselin Beats Her Kids' Asses

Raising eight children and a failing marriage can be quite challenging, so how do you cope? When you're Kate Gosselin you turn to the bottle - or in the arms of your bodyguard, according to a former nanny of the reality TV show star. The nanny, who spoke with the Enquirer, also alleged that Kate would beat her kids' ass.

Kate Gosselin is a regular boozer with a hair-trigger temper who has angrily paddled her kids with a kitchen utensil, an ex-staffer for Kate and her estranged husband Jon charges.

In an explosive exclusive interview, the former employee also reveals that she saw Kate getting cozy with bodyguard Steve Nield, the silver-haired hunk with whom she’s been rumored to be romantically involved…

“By the end of the day after the kids were settled, Kate would drink a bottle of wine by herself. This happened several nights a week,” said the source, who worked with the Gosselins for six months and quit at the end of summer 2008…

Kate was “short-fused and demanding,” according to the source, and while off-camera, she often disciplined the children in a very harsh, sometimes even violent, manner.

“When one of the boys closed a door on another one once, Kate got in their faces and yelled, ‘You tell me the truth about what happened!’” the source revealed.

“The children just stood there, terrified. Then she dragged one of the boys into the bathroom and spanked him five or six times with a large plastic mixing spoon.

“You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show."

The source also witnessed the growing closeness between Kate and her bodyguard, New Zealand native Steve Nield.

In a surprisingly intimate gesture, “Steve often put his hands on her hips to guide her.”

Well. Well. Well.
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Anonymous said...

My mom always used the pink Avon hairbrush to spank me and I preferred the wooden spoon for use on my boys. I'm a psychologist and I do advocate a paddling every now and then. The volume of the cry/scream is not resonate of the actual pain being delivered or endured. Kids can be very mellow dramatic.

If more kids got disciplined our society would be better off. Talking and time outs don't always work.

Anonymous said...

She denied one of her kids bottled water... and drank it... in front of an Access Hollywood camera crew!

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for physically hurting a child. For "discipline" or any other reason. I don't care if you ARE a psychologist. I'm an abuse victim. No excuse for it.

Anonymous said...

Spanking and abuse aren't the same thing. They teach any children's services worker that. The Supreme Court acknowledges that and so does common sense. Sorry you were abused but that doesn't mean parents shouldn't be allowed to spank. There may not be an excuse for physically hurting a child but sometimes there is a damn good reason.

Anonymous said...

Spanking is an parent "losing it" on their kid--Kids can be a challenge but spanking is not the answer-You can tell those kids are afraid of Kate and one day, she is going to be one sorry bitch when all 8 of those kids have absolutely nothing to do with her--I used to watch the show and I don't think I ever saw her kiss or hug any of them-my kids are 14 and 10 and I kiss and hug them every chance I get!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Spanking is NOT the same as a parent "Losing it" on a kid, neither is it child abuse. When a parent "loses it" it's considered abuse. Yes, there is a difference. Spanking is a form of disciple just like time outs and grounding. Not every form of disciple works on each child. Spankings worked on me, but groundings worked on my brother. Sometimes spanking is the answer. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

OMG! So what she whacked her child's behind! She did not beat the child. These children who are on TV every week in no way look abused! I think that may be the problem with America today. You can not correct your child by smacking their behinds. If you do someone calls child protective services on you. When I was a child if I did wrong I would get it. I was never abused and they are not bad memories that haunt me. Mean while there are children that are being abused and need the help of government. Just because Kate smack her child's behind (and the whole world blew it out of proportion) that child who needs the help of others is now one step closer to death if not already dead.

Anonymous said...

Hitting is not ok... ever. The psychologist who says that kids are just melodramatic needs to have his/her training updated. They used to teach that back in the fifties and before, but there has been a lot of research to show that is not the case, it is abuse. They used to disembowel dogs in public, pull on their newly exposed bowels to prove that the dog howling in pain was really just the dog “mimicking" pain. They claimed it didn't really hurt either and the dog was just pretending. That toxic point of view still exists today as well. The animal theory, and my kid is screaming but not really in pain theory are archaic examples of rationalization and denial to absolve guilt for being just plain cruel. Spanking has been around for a long time and just because it happened to you and you think your fine, doesn't make it ok. Spanking is one of many examples of culturally accepted abuse.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between "spanking" and "abuse". I have seen it. I pop my child on the butt because she did wrong and knows the difference. There is a hell of allot of difference between that and the child down the street who always has marks on him from his abuser (sorry I mean father) beating him. And I'm sorry did I happen to tell you that they have had CPS at their house several times and the poor child continues to live there? My child is in no way, shape of form abused, but when she needs it she is corrected! I can go on and argue this point with you all day, but I really don't see the point it seems as if you have your mind made up.

By the way my "H" key on my keyboard got stuck while writing this. I did hit it a few times and now its fine. Is that abuse? Will you be calling Keyboard Protective Services on me?

Anonymous said...

you people are some of the stupidest people
i've ever heard of.
gosh , its called spanking!
you people are so stupid
different parents do different things, such as kate,she
spank her kids, not ground them from a t.v
theres a difference between abuse and spanking.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that people for the last, God knows how many years, have been spanking and being spanked by parents. And most of us have turned out fine. Maybe the problem out there is that too many parents didn't spank and let their children get away with everything. Those children are the ones then turning into abusive parents themselves. If their parents had kept them inline there would be no use to resort to abuse now that they are adults, because they would know how to handle a child.
Heck, my grandfather even used to threaten if we didn't listen he'd "get the belt" (although of course, he'd never use it, but since we did get spanked it was a fairly effective scare tactic). Now I still love my grandfather more than anything. I did not get abused, nor was a "terrified" of him for his silly discipline threats. I just knew not to do anything bad that would deserve a punishment. lol.
Geesh....People wonder why she's still so popular in the media? Maybe it's because people can't stop talking about her. Whether love or hate, if she sparks interest, she sells, and that's what Hollywood wants. So let's all just leave her the heck alone, and I can guarantee we'll see her "popularity" fall!

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