Monday, June 8, 2009

Wendy Sells 'Product' to Ireland, Loses a Tampon in the Process

As Wendy's TV show [feel it, feel it, feel it. whoop. whoop. turn it up] is set to debut next month, she's on a PR blitz.

She's even talking to the Irish!

Wendy was 30 minutes late for the interview with UTV. Why? She thought she had lost a tampon. Up there.

"I lost a tampon," she told the interviewer. "Last night I thought there was one in there but I couldn't find it. My husband offered to take a look but I said: 'Uh, actually, no thanks.' Cos, you know, some things just ... Anyway, I had to go to my gynaecologist's office - which is in New Jersey, where I live - first thing this morning. I waited in my car until the office was open so she could see me right away. It was fine. There was nothing there."

She decided to share that story because, she felt, it has happened to "every woman at some point in her life."

On being a "product."
"Not only do I see myself as a product. I believe in titles. We all have to have roles in life. I talk to girls who call me up on the radio and they say: 'Well, I've been sleeping with him for three months, he hasn't taken me to visit his parents, Valentine's Day he was late...' and I say to them: 'What you need is a title. Titles matter. To me, you're looking for the title of girlfriend, and in my opinion you're not aggressive enough to ask for it. To him, he's just being a man. Men don't know the protocol of it.' So my title? Yes, I am the product. I'm a good product. But if I don't understand my title, I will get very screwed up, because you have to understand: I'm 44. At 44, you are who you are, and you don't want to be told any different. You're not going to tell me what to wear, how to be, how to stand, how much I should weigh, or how I should speak. But processing the idea of product, I get it: I need to be in the gym. I don't need to gain any more weight."

Wendy, who doesn't go anywhere without one of her 50 wigs, says she will go snatched bald on the TV show - for sweeps.

"I'll reveal what my real hair looks like when my partners tell me it's ratings week or whatever you call it and I'll do it on live TV. I've got all kinds of tricks, and I'm not afraid to show them, but at this point in my life I need to show them for some sort of career gain."

And, oh, as for that pesky sexual harassment case. We thought it had been settled. And it was.

"I will tell you that was a very disappointing time in my life, as well as his. It has gone away, and I suspect that it is just one of the things that we've had to encounter that I've talked about regarding other celebrities. But suffice to say I love my husband, he is innocent, I am innocent, and we are fair people in what can sometimes be called an unfair world."

On Puffy, who got her fired from Hot 97:
"We'll never agree to disagree, you know? I respect him as a business person, and I know for a fact, because he told me, that he respects me as a business person, but whether we'll ever see eye to eye and break bread together ...I'm beyond caring to break bread with anyone. You know what I want? I want to wow the world, and at the end of the show, I don't want to go out to dinner with anyone. I really just want to go home, and take off my wig, and put on my robe, look over my child's homework, and go to bed. And that, Gaby, only comes with age and maturity."

To sum it up, Wendy describes herself as: "a nice woman, who gets it". "I am not some barracuda," she insists, "I'm a girl from Jersey. I want a simple life. I want to be the world's sweetheart."

We hear that.


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