Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dave Chappelle Surfaces in Oregon to Tell Jokes. Well, He Tried To

Comedian Dave Chappelle could is always a big draw. Since walking away from his multi-million TV contract, everyone has been wondering what's he up to.

Oregonians found out Tuesday night when he showed up to tell jokes Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland. He was alone; He had no security or entourage with him.

News of his impromptu show littered Twitter and Facebook and before long, thousands of people descended on the Square to see him perform, reports The Oregonian newspaper.

But the sound was atrocious. The speaker, as you see in the photo, is the size of a toaster oven.

At one point, a man climbed on stage and Dave announced the man was going to get a better sound system, and would return in 20 minutes. When the man returned with the equipment, spectators fed orange and black power cords to the edges of the square to plug them in. But apparently there was no power.

Although there was no show, Dave still stayed to greet his adoring fans.

Occasionally a woman would flash the crowd, or Dave. A few attention seekers climbed onto the stage to pose for photos or shake his hand. When a few people rocked the stage impatiently, others shouted "no!" or booed them. Despite the huge crowd police never intruded.

He seemed surprised by all of this.

"This has never happened in my entire career," he said, to a huge cheer. "I'm grateful everybody came out."

By 2 a.m., it was clear the sound system wouldn't go, and Dave wound things down. He thanked the crowd and shared a few things he learned, including: "Don't tell a secret in Portland."

source, photo

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