Friday, July 31, 2009

Eminem Destroys Mariah on Diss Track

The ongoing feud between Mariah and Eminem just got shadier. A lot shadier.

When Mariah dropped her diss track, masqueraded as the video for "Obsessed", in which she portrays Eminem as delusional and has a bus run him over, she never thought Emimen wouldn't respond? Right?

Emimen more than responds; He annihilates her in what we believe is one of the best diss tracks we've ever heard

Called "The Warning", he shares explicit details from their 2001 relationship. He refers to her as a whore (who engages in threesomes), an alcoholic and a liar. He says, if she doesn't own up to it he will be forced to reveal voicemails she left for him and nude photos. Mariah's husband doesn't go unscathed.

Here's just one one the lines from the track: “Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures? However you prefer to do, and that goes for Nick too. Faggot, you think I’m scared of you?”


President Obama needs to sit these two down over beer on the White House lawn before things get further out of hand.

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Anonymous said...

this man needs a girlfriend why the hell is he sooo hell bent on Myriah anyways?? for real in LA we are all wondering this..he can't find someone else to boost his music other then dogging someone else he is beginnng to remind me..of weird Al" for real right about now..and enough is's just becoming so tacky now..she is a women and she deserves some that jerk as not done the same things he saying she done..come on grow up..

Anonymous said...

I hate his sorry ass. He is so disrespectfull. I'm just waiting for his payback.

Anonymous said...

I love Eminem!

Mariah, why did she deny their relationship in the first place?

Unknown said...

wow i dont blame eminem for doin that diss that botch deserved it and now gucci mane is gettin into this wow eminem is gonna destroy him every body know eminem is the diss king

Anonymous said...

Wow - I never saw the video so I didn't realize obsessed was a shot at Eminem but I think its safe to say Mariah is a liar and let eminem have sex with her (it sounds like at least once). Mariah got destroyed in that track.

As for Nick Cannon, your response to being dissed started out okay. You tried to bash a bad song (pipes from baghdad), but then you try to say mariah should be offlimits because she's half black... Hmm. Ok. Look, you married someone who has had sex with eminem. Deal with it in a manner that you can profit with like everyone else. Don't try to bring Michelle Obama or Oprah or whatever else you just said into it.

Plus, now who's bringing up ancient history? Eminem's N-bomb was recorded in the 1980s and he was very apologetic. The tape came out in 2004 (that's 5 years ago). Besides, He has made a career on destroying small timers like you; why would you add fuel to the fire? You got destroyed along with your wife. Just take it like a man and either try to come up with a song in response, or shut the F up... You and your wife aren't real people... you are entertainers. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Mariah. First she denies seeing him and then she starts talking shit about him and humiliating him in her music video. That's just messed up. I liked The Warning and I'm so proud of my boy Eminem who set the record straight.

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