Friday, July 31, 2009

MC Hammer's Cousin Arrested For Allegedly Raping Woman He Met on Twitter

MC Hammer's favorite cousin -- Marvin Turrell Grant AKA Bigg Marv -- was arrested yesterday in Livermore, Calif. on suspicion of raping a woman he met on Twitter a few days ago.

The 40-year-old victim told police that after exchanging tweets, telephone calls and e-mails, Bigg Marv suggested they meet face to face.

She said the two agreed to meet Wednesday night at a Livermore hotel, which is about 20 miles from Bigg Marv's home. She made the drive from Los Angeles, rented a hotel room and waited for him. That evening the two went to dinner at a nearby restaurant. After which they returned to the hotel room and that's when the rape apparently took place.

"Grant began to fondle the victim, at which point the victim told him to stop because they had just met," police said. "He then sexually assaulted her. The victim tried to stop the attack but was unable to due to Grant's size....He's about 300 pounds, and was able to pin her down and keep one of her arms down while he sexually assaulted her."

The woman reported the alleged assault the next morning.

Police contacted Bigg Marv on his cell phone and got him to agree to turn himself in - but both times he was a no show.

A warrant was issued and the cops tracked him down near MC Hammer's home. Police believed he was preparing to leave the country when he was taken into custody.

The arrest warrant indicates he will be held on $60,000 bail and faces one charge of rape.

MC Hammer tweeted: "Marv has been picked up. Were standing by him. Welcome to Fame Cousin Marv. Were Praying for you."


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SongbirdDiva said...

He's an idiot and the victim is a co-idiot. why would you meet someone off of Twitter at a hotel vs. a public place during the day??? I'm not going to say she deserved to be raped but she set her own self up to be victimized.

Anonymous said...

Just like the above poster stated, she should have met him during the day at a pubic place,then if she decided she didn't want to take it any further she could have hopped in her car and went home.

But, she rents a hotel room which speaks volumes. More than likely when you agree to meet a guy you have never met face to face in a hotel room that translates "sex" to the guy. So yea, she set herself up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she set him up because he's MC Hammer's cousin. You know he must have told her about his cousin.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/songbirddiva. Common sense tells most people it's not wise to meet a man you don't know in your hotel room. This could have very been a set-up. Sorry, Marv but you get the "not so bright" ticket.

So should have consulted your cousin MC. I bet you he knows the deal by now. Also, MC was smarter than the golddiggers, because his family is still intact.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I always knew there was something weird about this guy that just didnt sit right with me....Nonetheless, why in the hell would you meet somebody at a hotel?

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