Friday, July 10, 2009

Hindu Guru Claims Yoga Can Cure Homosexuality

India's top television yoga expert has challenged a landmark court ruling legalizing gay sex, claiming it is a "disease" that can be cured by yoga.

Swami Baba Ramdev, pictured, filed the petition on the grounds that the Delhi High Court "erred" in decriminalizing "unnatural sex acts" last week and that homosexuality was an illness which could be treated, according to the Indian Express newspaper.

"It can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and other meditation techniques," he said in the challenge filed in India's Supreme Court.

He continued by saying homosexuality caused "mental bankruptcy" and was "against God and creation."

The influential guru has a wide following (an estimated 85 million) of middle-class Hindus who regularly tune into his healthy living programs on television.

In the past, he's made claims that yoga and ayurvedic medicines can ease the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and cure cancer.

If Swami Ramdev's theory is correct, then how does he explain why all of the yoga teachers we've come across are gay?

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