Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Britney About to Lose it, Again?

Someone convene the conservatorship board, Britney is losing it again.

According an Enquirer report, Britney recently collapsed while rehearsing. Her father, Jamie, who was with her, called a doctor and she was treated; He claims she fainted and suffers from low blood sugar.

This comes at the same time as news of Britney's alleged addiction to pills have surfaced. Over-the-counter diet pills, that is. And it's alleged that she washes the pills down with Red Bull, and you know that could be a deadly combination.

“Britney was definitely trying to get high by taking too many diet pills and energy drinks,” a family insider told Betty Confidential. “Jamie thinks the combination of the two is making her whacked-out and, causing her to lash out in weird angry rampages.”

“Britney has her assistant buy the over-the-counter items for her,” says the source. “But she told [ex-husband] Kevin [Federline] about it because she doesn’t want him to think that she is addicted to harder stuff and take her two sons away from her.”

The report claims, that in addition to the diet pills, “Britney uses green-tea supplements, [Lab 88's herbal ephedra-free] Metabo Speed XXX, Dexatrim and apple cider vinegar to control her weight and energy levels. She also pours those 5-Hour energy drinks into her Red Bulls.”

This can't be good, right?

In fact, combining weight-loss aids with prescription medication can cause increased anxiety, panic attacks and even seizures.

And some signs of stress are beginning to show.

“Britney has had a little problem lately with skin breakouts, but she is keeping it under control by using Proactiv,” adds the insider. “Since she has been so active, she’s fallen back to some of her old fast food habits, but her friends and family are trying to keep her from overindulging. Her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, has been trying to help her keep on track by making long-distance bets about who can eat the healthiest.”

As new fears of her emotional instability revs up, her father is considering hiring a full-time masseuse for Britney and looking into getting her more psychiatric counseling.

“As far as Kevin is concerned, it can’t come soon enough,” adds the insider. “He is genuinely afraid for her again.”


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Anonymous said...

Judy Garland all over again (although Judy could wipe Britney & co. on the floor w/ her talent...)

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