Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Never Recovered from 1993 Police Strip Search

Back in 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting 13-year-old Jordy Chandler. So, as part of the police investigation, he had to be submit to a strip search. That episode, according to a friend, left Michael "stripped of all his dignity" instead.

John Randy Taraborrelli - who had known Michael for over 40 years - said the 50-year-old singer never recovered from the intimate examination and didn't want to people to see his scarred body.

"He begged police for an hour. Michael had been broken," he recalled. "He came into the living room and clearly agitated and wearing a brown dressing gown. Crying softly, he took it off, stripped of all his dignity."

When the child molestation allegations against Jordy were made - for which Michael was never charged - the teenager claimed he could prove the abuse because he had seen the 'Thriller' singer's penis and private area.

Police reportedly inspected Michael's body and made notes on the color of his bleach-damaged skin, buttocks and genitals.

"The boy had given a detailed description of his body and the detectives needed to check if it was true," John said. "All eyes peered at him to see if he was circumcised, as Jordy had claimed. He wasn't. 'Oh my God,' Michael whimpered. He looked as if he was about to faint."

So, there you have it: Michael Jackson was uncircumcised. TMI.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Michael Jackson, I was born the same year and followed his success, loved his music always and I never believed all the dirty stories around him it was so cruel to destroy a star like him with such dirty scams to take money out of him... ugly, I will never forgive these ugly cheap people... they have a lot of guilt for Michael´s last years in seclusion, I really feel they are guilty for his death....

zuh? said...

I know he was forced to do that strip search, but why would he do it out in his living room in front of this Taraborrelli guy?
And he wasn't "bleach-damaged," he had vitiligo. And it probably wasn't so much that he was ashamed of whatever scars he had, but that he didn't like a bunch of cops inspecting his junk and taking pictures. That would freak me out too.

soso said...

can't wait til the photos are finally leaked

Mol O said...

Jordan Chandler lied, simple as that.
There is no way someone can see a guy naked, perform blow job and mastrubate him without knowing that he is uncircumcised. this fact alone makes his entire ugly story a big fat lie which makes Michael innocent.
He didn't have bleached skin, he had vitiligo. He got the same treatment as millions of others who have this diseases trying to even out the skin tone.

I can't imagine the hell he went through thanks to these money hungry mentally ill bozos and that perverted sicko Tom Sneddon. But by the end he was still that even tempered soft spoken gentleman we've seen so many times. Frankly I would have been mad as hell 24/7

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