Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WWE Flashback: Superhead on Why She Threw Method Man Under the Bus; Talks Abortions, Bobby Brown, Bill Maher, Lil Wayne

While doing the rounds for her book, The Vixen Diaries, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans stopped by the Experience to spill some juice. In the tell-all, the music video vixen turned author outed Method Man as "Papa" -- the rapper whom she admitted in her first book to have had an ongoing affair with. But Method Man was more than just a jumpoff. He was the "one guy who never left." He supported her emotionally and financially when none of the other men she was sleeping with would give her the time of day. In fact, when she was homeless, Method Man was the person who took care of her and gave her money. So why did she decide to throw him under the bus? Money! She said the book editors told her if she didn't throw the rapper under the bus, they wouldn't release the book. During the conversation with Wendy, Superhead revealed she got pregnant by Method Man, but had an abortion. (She didn't tell him about the pregnancy until after she underwent the procedure.) In this moment of sharing, Wendy revealed she had two abortions: once when the condom broke with her now husband and another after she got pregnant by an unnamed rapper. Then the subject turned to Bobby Brown, whom Superhead dated. Superhead says Bobby "smells like a distillery" with alcohol seeping out of the pores. She said she posted video online of the singer passed out on her couch because she "wanted him to leave [her] alone." On Lil Wayne's alleged gay relationship with Baby, she says she loves it, but only hopes Wayne is the bottom -- for Baby's sake. [Boing!] On her relationship with talk show host Bill Maher, she gushes that she will love Bill Maher "forever" and he's obsessed with her.

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