Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Naked Cowboy Runs for Mayor of NYC

Yes, this is for real.

The Naked Cowboy, who has been playing his guitar dressed only in tightie whities, a cowboy hat and boots in Times Square since 1998, announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City this morning.

Per a press release, here's his platform:
The Naked Cowboy’s platform speaks to the real issues facing us, and will cultivate the rebirth of the small businesses that made New York City what it is today. Known as the "Naked Stimulus Package," the plan includes micro loans, tax holidays and other incentives to help small businesses thrive. Other points of Naked's platform include Taxes (if you’re rich, stop whining and pay your taxes), Transportation (taxi call buttons on every city corner), Homeland Security (as mayor he will keep the city’s security on high alert, making frequent stops at the tunnels, bridges, and guard posts of every building), Gay Marriage (as an ordained minister and he’d love to marry all citizens of NYC, not just the straight shooters), and of course Tourism (he plans to build a Times Square Wedding Chapel and establish a billion dollar wedding business that will rival Las Vegas).

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