Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sick Trend of Stealing Unborn Children is Worsening

A 23-year-old pregnant Massachusetts woman has been found dead with her unborn baby cut from her womb.

Police are trying to find the missing eight-month-old fetus, which they say could have survived with medical help.

Darlene Haynes, pictured, was discovered on Monday by her landlord, who had noticed a "horrifying smell".

Her body was in the bedroom closet wrapped in bedding and had apparently been there for several days.

The last known contact anyone had with Darlene was on Thursday when she sent a text message to a friend saying she was having drinks with a friend in her apartment in Worcester.

The case is being treated as a murder, although the autopsy has not determined the exact cause of her death, police said. It's believed she died from a blow to the head.

While the police have not yet named a suspect in the murder, Darlene's aunt said she had problems with two men, her ex-boyfriend Roberto Rodriquez and her landlord William Thompson, who discovered her body.

Darlene had taken out a restraining order against Roberto, the father of the unborn child and her daughter Christina, more than three weeks ago. The aunt said Roberto had been abusive to her and to her grandmother, threatening to kill her grandmother if she tried to take custody of Christina.

The aunt said said William would sometimes let himself into her apartment unannounced. "He was just literally harassing her," she said.

It is not the first such case in the United States.

Korena Roberts is charged with murder
after cutting Heather Snively for her baby and Lisa Montgomery was convicted two years ago of murdering Bobbi Jo Stinnett, whose fetus she removed. The baby girl survived.

There have been at least four other similar cases.


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