Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wendy Resigns From Radio Show Effective July 31!!!

In not so shocking news, Wendy has resigned from her long-running radio show to focus her efforts on becoming the "new face of daytime."

After seven years at WBLS, she will crack the mic for final time on July 31.

This comes on the heels of many, many months (perhaps years) of unhappiness at the radio station. Plus, any regular listener knows the show hasn't been the same; The "funny" has been sucked out and the "grease" has not been flying. Plus, last week she made this video which clearly showed she was done.

"We are saddened to lose one of our most popular personalities, but we understand what it requires to put a live show on television. We wish Wendy all the best in this new venture," WBLS' Vice President and General Manager Deon Levingston said.

The official announcement will be made tomorrow.

After 23 years as radio personality, Wendy says she's grateful for her listeners.

“I really was blessed to have a broadcast home in NY on radio for the past seven years and I want to thank everyone who supported me," Wendy said. "I have one of the best jobs in the world, making a difference in the lives of my fans made all the difference to me and I look forward to doing the same thing in my new role as a TV host. My hope is that you will do your best to find me on your remote so I can continue to entertain and inform you each and every day.”

We wish her all the best.

Come August everyone will be tuning in to "The April Woodard Experience", or something.
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SANKOFA said...

Who cares! The show has been crap since CthaGod was fired.

Anonymous said...

I like the radio show more than the TV show! You can tell Wendy is missing her sound affects during hot topics. RIP WBLS.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just lost my BEST FRIEND, A Sad Day in radio today

Anonymous said...

Hey anon.. "Affects" is a verb, not a noun. Sorry, had to clear that up.

Anyway, it's funny you mention the sound "effects." I wonder if she'll be bringing them over after the radio show ends and hopefully Goose to jump on board. I miss him already. Goose is the best. And I don't think the show suffered that much since CthaGod left, Wendy's still Wendy, very funny with or without him.

Justice said...

I will so miss Wendy on the radio. She will have to add some more drama to the TV show. I need to see some grease being thrown. And she needs better guest. The sound effects have to come the the TV show. She better bring Goose over there to be quick on the buttons. The Wendy Show needs more of the experience. I will certainly miss her.

Anonymous said...

Its official and I am heart broken :(

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Wendy got such a huge grusome looking boob job. Looks like she has blown up balloons for breast. She need to have a reduction now.

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