Friday, August 7, 2009

FIGHT! NeNe and Kim Go AT IT!

It's undeniable, we love NeNe. She knows how to put people in their places and she will make sure you hear it. Kandi got her share of the NeNe verbal beatdown last week, now it's Kim's turn, naturally.

During last night's Watch What Happens Live, NeNe told viewers Kim was a gold-digger. Kim got wind of it while vacationing in The Bahamas and she called in to confront her. But the show ended.

Luckily, the people over at Bravo know good TV and decided to create an "extra" where Kim and NeNe exchanged some fightin' words.

NeNe tells Kim "close your legs to married men, trashy." Other names NeNe calls her: "Hooker." "Tramp." "Trailer trash." "Trash box." 'Liar." "Monster."

Kim claims NeNe's home is rented and she's cheating on her husband Gregg with someone named Charles.

Kim also says she fully intends to go through with the charges.

NeNe's response: "I will see you at the jailhouse!"

Watch video after jump.

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Anonymous said...

Kim doesn't have a "nursing DEGREE"...she's just an LPN! LPNs don't have degrees, they have diplomas. Why does she have to exaggerate everything?Furthermore, her license is lapsed...I guess since there has been so many conversations about her "degree" she has recently applied for reinstatement of her license! I can tell you, there is a difference between LPN and RN...cause I AM an LPN!!!

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