Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Griffin O'Neal Says Dad Ryan Cheated on Farrah and Tried to Shoot Him in the Face!

Farrah, Ryan, Griffin, Tatum pictured in 1987. photo

Griffin O'Neal is putting his father Ryan on full blast. In an interview with Larry King on Monday, Griffin said Ryan was cheating on his lover of 27 years Farrah Fawcett; Ryan tried to shoot him in the face and injured his pregnant wife; Ryan partied with his son Redmond and was responsible for his drug problem; Ryan hit on his daughter at Farrah's funeral.


Here are some interesting sections of the interview:

King: Give us your description of the relationship between between your father and Farrah.
O'Neal: It was bombastic at times. There were great times. There was very hard times. By the time Red [Redmond O'Neal, Griffin's half-brother] was 5, they lived in separate rooms in a very large house.
King: Was he not faithful to her?
O'Neal: Faithless. He has no faith.
King: Was he faithful to her ... in the relationship?
O'Neal: No.
King: He saw other women?
O'Neal: Are you kidding? She walked in on him and he was with some other woman.
King: Do you know this for a fact or is it hearsay?
O'Neal: No, sir, I know this for a fact. She told me. He forgot. He locked every lock in the house, except he forgot that she had a remote control for the garage, and there she is.

King: When was the last night you talk to your father?
O'Neal: The night he tried to shoot me in the face.
King: Tell me what happened. By the way, he was charged and the charges were dismissed.
O'Neal: Well, you know what? I had finally had enough. ... My brother Red would do a seven-day detox, and he'd split on the sixth day. And then -- so my dad would get mad and not pay the detox center. So this happened to every detox center in Los Angeles. What ended up happening was Redmond was no longer allowed at a detox center in Los Angeles, which basically put the weight on me. So now dad got home. I had my brother locked down. ... He was broken. My brother said: I didn't think anybody was going to stop me. I didn't think anybody loved me and thank you. He cried and held Jo-Jo, my wife, and held me ... and said, I didn't think anybody was going to stop me because my dad just let him do whatever he wanted to do, supplied him with cash for his drugs, supplied him with everything. It was a losing battle.
King: What happened that night? Why did he try to shoot you?
O'Neal: Because I said, dad, if you want to take care of this yourself, because I know you don't know what to do, I said, you're on your own. ... And then I started to tell him about how I felt, about how I felt about his fathering, about how I felt how he treated me when I was a child, and my sister and my mother.
King: This was how long ago?
O'Neal: This was that night. This was Farrah's birthday three years ago -- two years ago.
King: So what happened?
O'Neal: He went crazy. And then my girl goes, he's got a stick. I'm packing my stuff upstairs.
King: What's a stick?
O'Neal: I don't know. She didn't know what it was either. All I know is I got stabbed in the side with a fireplace poker. Not the shovel and not the brush. It was the gnarly part of the poker.
King: And then he shot you?
O'Neal: No, no. Then I said -- and as he's swinging back -- he hits my girl in the face, crushing four bones in her cheeks, put nine stitches above her head. He glances at her. I grab the poker and I say, don't. Of course, all 237 pounds of him, he falls on my eight and a half month pregnant wife, right on her stomach. I grabbed the poker out of his hand and said don't move. I will bury this in your head. Don't move. My dad is a very, very, very violent man.
King: Did you call the police?
O'Neal: Oh, yes. We had to. She was bleeding.
King: Why were the charges dropped then?
O'Neal: Well, because, honestly, I didn't know how she got the injury. She was behind you, dad. I didn't tell him this. All she says is I saw a poker hit me in the face.
King: No evidence?
O'Neal: No evidence. I was honest all the way through. I said I don't know how she got the wound. I don't know how. She says she got hit. Either way, I was not the perpetrator. The perpetrator was the guy who stabbed me in the side and hurt me.

King: Why are you going public like this?
O'Neal: Everybody's had a lot of questions on what the heck happened to the O'Neal family.
King: Shakespearian.
O'Neal: Yes. And I don't want to hide anymore.
King: It's been reported that your father says he didn't recognize Tatum at the funeral, and when she embraced him, he asked, do you have a drink on you? Do you have a car? What do you think of that story?
O'Neal: He was flirting with everybody.
King: With his daughter?
O'Neal: My dad is getting up in the years now. I don't think he really recognizes people that he's known for years.
King: His daughter.
O'Neal: It was his daughter. He didn't realize it was her.

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