Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kim Zolciak: 'I Don't Date Black Men'

In an interview with Essence, Kim Zolciak of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fame, pictured above arriving at a Jersey airport last night, wanted to set the record straight: She doesn't date black men. (But dating married men, is just OK.)

Also in that interview she referred to Dallas Austin as "trivial." Why? Well, over on Twitter, Dallas wrote this about Kim: "High priced hookers on on a tv show for screwing married men.. and getting Kandi to sing for u ain't gonna work either."

We brought that up because Kim released her single yesterday, which now has us questioning whether if it's her singing, Kandi singing, or just the Auto-Tune? Dallas should know, right?

Anyway, here's her quote about not having love for black men.
Yes, it's true, I don't date Black men. I never have. It's not a prejudice. It's just a personal preference. People always think that Big Papa is Black. I don't know why. I've never dated a Black man. It's not to say it wouldn't happen in the future, but at this time, I never have.

Let's not forget: Kim's a racist who throws around the N-word, so her not dating black men would make sense. Right?

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Anonymous said...

So what if she don't date black men. A lot of black women don't date black men, so what's the big deal. Kim said it's not her preference, it doesn't mean she think black men are less. Just so you know...I'm black.

Anonymous said...

so what? its doesnt mean she is racist because she doesnt like blk guys. everyone is entitled to date what they like. at least she is open about it. ppl r always so quick to judge and put labels on others.

Anonymous said...

I just want Kim to get some extensions or grow her real hair, just go bald, or something. I'm just saying I could make a better wig than the one she's always wearing with some yellow food coloring, a string mop, old pantyhose and some glue.
(Kim, keep away from cigarette lighters and open flame. That thing will melt to your head!)
By the way, I've dated lots of black men and white men, and I'm marrying a white man. It was a shock to me, too!

Anonymous said...

For one thing it is not cute to me to be on TV saying that you date married men. Would she like it if that happened to her of course not Why is Kim on the show anyway what purpose does she have on the show but to be messey get her off of there and get someone with some class and not a home wrecker who wont be tardy for the party

Susan Mueni said...

I don't date black men either. They're all DL anyway so why even bother?

Anonymous said...

thats a stupid comment to make that their all on the DL unless if u dated all the black men on earth you wouldnt know. thanks & also i dont think Kim is racist at all she has black friends on the show. no everyone has to like black men

Anonymous said...

so what !!

i swear when it comes up to black men people always have to pull the racist card. if thats not her preference thats her choice. there is tons of black men who dont pefer black women just type that in on youtube

im pacific islander and i dont find black men attractive..sorry

Anonymous said...

I bet if she loved off black men only some racist black woman would be all over it too. can't make ne one happy

Anonymous said...

Lolz, im a black man, Im glad she dont date black men. what new. theres alot of women who dont date black men. life of a black man is touhg, but we get harder and harder as life gets harder and harder and we overcome. either way you put it, at the end of the day i will always be black and any black man will always be black, and people will be people. I sexy as hell, but your preference s your preference. oh well. live with it.

Anonymous said...

She racist!!!
It's probably based off some golden stereotype of black men.
Right up there with all white males are successful "which is load of crap" I've seen ways more NASCAR t-shirt wearing, Bud Light drinking white males than i know what to do with.
All asians know kung fu and work at buffets
All mexicans can fix cars and roofs
All black women are loud and crazy
All whites women are air heads who lay on their backs easily.

I'm a black male, but I'm 10yr military professional, single and high ranking with a masters w several investments. I'm more successful than 90% of the white men I know, but I know all when I walk in any establishment all they see is an stereotype. It's hard being a black male, but I'd NEVER to be choose another's made me strong!

Anonymous said...

I feel people are entitiled to there preference, im a black women and I do not date black men either. I personally do not like them and have nothing but horrible experiences with them. I have better relationships with other races and I have more common interests. Black men are poorly mannered there womanizers and they have too many kids scattered around the place, there just disgraceful, I do not date any black men and I will not ever consider it. They are totally out of the question and I don't take then seriously when I see them on the corner hanging out cursing and carrying on, there so embarrassing.

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