Monday, August 10, 2009

Michael Jackson Was Given Depo Shots to Curb Sexual Urges for Young Boys

A "highly-respected" doctor says he prescribed Depo Provera, a drug generally given to women as birth control and also restricts men’s flow of testosterone-producing brain hormones, to Michael Jackson to suppress the late singer's sexual urges towards under-age boys, according to the Sunday Mirror.

Dr Alimorad Farshchian began prescribing Depo Provera after he became concerned at Michael’s attitude to young boys at Neverland sleepovers.

When asked about the Depo shots, his spokesperson said: “Yes, that’s exactly it. He was trying to help Michael.”

Ian Barkley, Michael’s official photographer from 2002 to 2006 said Dr Farshchian was concerned about Michael sleeping in the same bed with young boys

“Dr Farshchian was trying to help Michael," Ian told the newspaper. "One treatment and concoction led to another. It was a slow progression to try to help Michael suppress some of his issues. It was really Dr Farshchian, when he became aware of the sleepovers, who planted the idea in Michael’s head that he might have a problem. As a responsible doctor, Dr Farshchian thought these tendencies were something Michael might address. Dr Farshchian didn’t necessarily think there was abuse going on – but he was concerned there were inappropriate feelings towards minors which could be addressed.”

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