Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rebbie Jackson and Nanny Came to Blows on Jackson Compound!!!

According to the National Enquirer, Michael Jackson's 59-year-old sister Rebbie (pictured, left) who is raising his three children, along with mom Katherine, got into a physical altercation with longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba.

The tabloid's source said the fight went down last month at Katherine's home - where the kids are currently living - in Encino, Calif.
“Grace the nanny paid a visit to check on the children. She had been fired by Michael a few weeks before his death, but she still loves the kids and is concerned about their welfare. The family had even considered re-hiring Grace to help with the transition in the aftermath of Michael’s death - but that’s now out the window after what happened between her and Rebbie. Grace went on a tirade about how the kids should be cared for. Grace questioned Katherine on what time the kids were going to bed and everything else. Katherine was trying to be civil, and said, ‘I’m the grandmother, and it was me who Michael appointed to raise them should something happen to him.’ But Grace kept on being critical, and Rebbie became incensed with the way she was speaking to her mother. Rebbie finally had enough and smacked Grace, and Grace fought back and the two women came to blows!"


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Anonymous said...

That's right Rebbie, whoop dat _itch's azz!

Anonymous said...

The evil Grace is trying to end up with the money, since our stupid law enforcement refuse to accept the fact that she has already admitted to pumping Michael's stomach many times. That is a crime by itself but they haven't arrested her. Now she is emboldened and is lieing like Rebbie hit her first when it was likely the other way around. Watch her try to sue based on this lie. She is hoping to stress mother katherine to death and end up with the kids and the money. If these Jackson fools don't stop being so meek she'll end up with all the money.

Anonymous said...

Grace is evil. She helped to kill Michael, and now she's trying to stress his mother to death to get the kids and the money.

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