Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reggie Miller's Nemesis Has a Rap Sheet

If humiliating airplane banner ads don't work and Reggie Miller does continue to contact millionaire Alex von Furstenberg's girlfriend, Ali Kay, the fashion heir's next line of defense may be his fist.

Then again, isn't it Ali who doesn't want to stay away from Reggie?

Anyway, according to the Post , Alex beat up Rowen Seibel, whom he suspected of flirting with Ali in 2003.
Rowen said he was sitting in his car at around 1 in the morning when Alex -- also in a car -- put his vehicle in reverse and repeatedly slammed it into Seibel's, according to court papers.

Von Furstenberg then got out of his car, smashed Seibel in the face and head with his fist, threw him to the ground and kicked him, court papers allege.

When a cop showed up, von Furstenberg said, "I hurt my knuckle, probably when I hit him in the head."

Alex pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault, but later got the plea vacated in exchange for going to anger-management classes and doing a week of community service.

It's also important to note: When Alex began dating Ali he was 32, she was 19. Plus, he was still married to Duty Free heiress Alexandra Miller.

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