Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tales From the Grave: Friend Releases Private Michael Jackson Phone Conversation

First off all, who records telephone conversations between friends? When you're Michael Jackson you had no friends, evidently.

The friend in question is named Glenda, who recorded this conversation in 1992.

Michael talks openly and honestly about abuse and ridicule he suffered at the hands of his father, Joe. Plus, how Joe would hit him up for money. Michael also opens up about a woman he was seeing but never had sex with and how he wanted a real relationship. Etc.

This is interesting. Take a listen.

[ note: transcripts are out of sync with the audio in part 3]

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Anonymous said...

these are very interesting and revealing. FYI, though, SHE didnt tape them, HER HUSBAND did because he thought glenda was cheating on him with Michael....

Anonymous said...

yeah dont blame glenda it was her husband who recorded and then leaked these phonecalls
in some of the michael speaks to her husband and tells him hed never hurt him or his family so obviously this guy had a problem with his wifes and michael's relationship
he did a shoddy job of recording anyway because you cant hear the good bits!

Anonymous said...

I believe these tapes but they are misinterpreted. Michael NEVER said he didn't have sex. He said he never been in a real relationship. There's a difference. On the tapes he described a relationship with Diana but he said it was "in his head" meaning he thought it was like what people feel in a real relationship but Diana didn't feel as he thoought. At this point of his career, I think he had never had a real relationship and I don't think he's talking sex. I believe Michael had sex because Omer "Michael" Bhatti is his son but he had one night stands that were not relationships. Michael wanted to be in a real relationship like marriage.

Anonymous said...

i read some more of this conversation,on one website,but now they blocked it,and i cant even get on it any more,but i think Michael was lyeing about not having sex be fore marriaged because in the rest of the conversation he talked about this girl "S","i dont know her name" she was already set to marrie someone but her and michael was messing around. he said that they dint have sex sex but they had oral sex and in J.Randy Taraborrelli's book he said that MICHAEL AND Lisa was having sex and dating while she was still married-"not to Michael"

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