Monday, August 24, 2009

Wendy on 106 & Park

Wendy stopped by 106 & Park last week to promote her TV show. Good times.

We were surprised that Terrence and Rosci even allowed her on the set after all the years of grease she's thrown their way. (Wendy's been calling Terrence gay from the very first day he began co-hosting the show and she's branded Rosci every whorish name in the book. Par example.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, how is that gonna work? How does Wendy face all these people that she's trashed on radio over the years? Much of the controversy got her to this place as she says herself. The interesting thing will be reading between the lines. There is something reserved and phony about this interview.

OB said...

OOoooooo.....look how they threw shade in the beginnging of Wendy's entrance by playing Mariah's "Obessed". **stunted music**


Anonymous said...

Omg! I was waiting for them to jump Wendy and snatch her wig off! Now she is all about making friends with people she has talked about for so long. Charlemange and Wendy FRIED Rocsi when she was jumping off with Lisa Raye's husband, and Terrance always got the how you doin. Wendy is a master at interviews though, you would never know all that by watching this.

Tanji :) said...

My comment is on the commenter who stated they throw shade at Wendy by play Obsessed.,.,,. Well its hard for those bitty bops to believe Wendy is love from many of people around the world despite the truth she spoke an asked about others. If they had something to addressed to Wendy about the truth and opinion she stated about them. Trust me, they would had pulled her to the side and mention it because Baby.....BET love Wendy and those bitty bops need their job! That's all the betta had did is played a song to expressed their feelings!! Wendy do your thing an I always remember what you have done for my family and I.
Peace. Remember.... Live, Love & Laugh an tell the dang truth!!!

Anonymous said...

funny that terrance was baiting her to say i'm sorry for throwing grease at yall. i love wendy, she kept it real, 'i'm not apologizing for anything" you go girl!

Focus699 said...

I loved seeing this!!.....OMG!.....Wendy is getting better with the GREASE.......Rocsi gave us an Oscar performance...LOL

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