Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anna Nicole's Doctor Never Had Sex With Her or Any Other Woman 'Cause He's Gay!

Yesterday news broke that the late Anna Nicole Smith was not just getting mounds and mounds of prescription pills from her two doctors, but she was allegedly getting it in with them as well.

Now one of those doctors says he's a queen so any suggestion of a sexual relationship between him and Anna is just gross ridiculous.

Police evidence "showed Dr. Kapoor and Anna Nicole Smith in a reclined position in a nightclub-type setting. Dr. Kapoor had his shirt off, his arms was around Anna Nicole Smith, and he was kissing and nuzzling Anna Nicole Smith's neck."

Dr Kapoor, pictured, said the police got their facts wrong.

"These search warrant affidavits are based on insufficient information and they are wrong in material respects," attorney Ellyn Garafalo told the AP. "The prime example is that Dr. Kapoor is openly gay and never slept with Anna Nicole Smith or any other woman."

The attorney said the doctor and Anna encountered each other in a bar after a gay pride parade, but didn't have an ongoing social relationship.

But did he supply her with hundreds of pills?

And wait, weren't the other two men in Anna's life, Larry and Howard, gay lovers?

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