Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Report: Anna Nicole Was Having Sex With Her Doctors, Pharmacist Refused to Fill Rx

At the time of Anna Nicole's death in 2007, more than 11 prescription bottles were found in her hotel room with more than 600 pills were missing. Now, according to unsealed court records obtained by the LA Times in the ongoing investigation of her death, we know that Khristine Eroshevich, who is currently charged with killing Anna and is a cocaine addict, wanted 300 tablets of methadone, two types of sedatives, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and four bottles of a painkiller nicknamed "hospital heroin," from a pharmacy.

The pharmacist did not fill the prescription, but less than five months later Anna was dead from a prescription drug overdose. In fact, according to the report, three pharmacists Anna's doctors about the prescription drugs. At the time of her death, Anna had prescriptions for 44 medications under at least nine aliases. A Florida medical examiner found nine medications in her system and labeled her death the result of "acute combined drug intoxication."

The court records also show during a 27-day period in 2005, Sandeep Kapoor, Anna's former internist, prescribed an amount of methadone that averaged more than twice the usual daily dose. His prescriptions for half a dozen drugs, including Xanax, Dilaudid, Lorazepam and methadone, continued and in some cases increased during Smith's 2006 pregnancy, despite potential hazards to the fetus, the investigator wrote.

The unsealed court documents also turned up images that Anna was having sex with Drs Kapoor and Eroshevich. Police found three photos on her laptop show of Anna and Dr Eroshevich naked and embracing in a bathtub. The photos are dated two months before Anna's death. There was also a video of Anna in a "nightclub setting" with a shirtless Dr Kapoor who "was kissing and nuzzling" her.

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