Friday, September 18, 2009

Report: Former President Bush is Livid, Suicidal After Laura Praised Obama

To let the Globe tell it: former president George W Bush is so distraught over his crumbling marriage to Laura and her publicly praising president Obama, during an interview with CNN last week, (video below) he's on suicide watch.
Since leaving the White House, insiders says Laura and George have been living separate lives as part of a deal to avoid divorce. Their marriage collapsed during his second term in office.

His out-of-control boozing and Laura's suspicions he was cheating with the Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice shattered their relationship.

Now Laura lives in a $2 million home in suburban Dallas while Bush spends his time at the family ranch in Crawford, Texas. Insiders revealed the couple had been spending more time together in recent months at Laura's home as she became increasingly concerned about his health, including fears he might have Alzheimer's.

But a series of bitter fights sent him back to Crawford full-time, friends say.

And their differences have boiled over - again - with Laura's approval of Obama.

"George has been scared to death that Obama will try to prosecute him for war crimes or other illegal acts," the source reveals. "And now he's devastated that Laura would publicly praise Obama and his wife."

"George just couldn't believe it, he felt it was a low and cruel blow," the insider says. "He's been in a deep funk ever since."

"He sees Obama as his mortal enemy and now he firmly believes Laura has committed the ultimate act of betrayal. "

In the meantime, Laura has tried to explain her praise of Obama as nothing more than putting differences aside for the good of the nation.

"But George isn't buying any of it," said the source. "He's depressed. Everyone's worried about what he might do while he's in such a state. We can all only hope he'll find a way out of his darkness - and soon."
According to prior reports, president Bush allegedly told his psychologist he had a thing for Condoleezza and when Laura found out about her husband's secret desires, she walked out on him and spent the night in a DC hotel. It was also reported that Laura had intended to divorce Bush after he left office; she would be paid $20 million. All of this has been just tabloid fodder and this new Globe report just adds to it. We find it hard to believe that former president Bush would want to take his own life because Laura said Obama is "doing a good job," though.

Source: Globe, Sept. 28 print edition.
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