Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whitney Tells Oprah About Drug Abuse, How Mom Cissy Saved Her Life

So, part one of interview the planet was waiting to see happened. Whitney told Oprah about her years of heavy and continuous drug abuse and her volatile marriage to deadbeat Bobby Brown - who, by the way, is still wanted by the cops.

She said her she smoked "rock cocaine" - which is a fancy way of saying CRACK - mixed with weed. As she locked herself in her room "offending" for days on end, she read the Bible, talked on the phone, and watched TV. Pretty much the way Bobby described it.

On the subject of Bobbbbeeeeeee!, She tells Oprah he spat on her.

"He spit on me, in my face. He actually spit on me. And my daughter was coming down the stairs and she saw it. That was pretty intense. I didn’t grow up with that and I didn’t understand why that occurred – [why] he had such a hate for me because I loved him so much.”

Whitney said after that incident, she called a friend to come get her, and as she was about to leave Bobby pushed her into a wall. Wrong move -- she almost bludgeoned Bobby to death with a telephone.

Their daughter Bobbi Kris, who is now on the scene, asked, "'Daddy! Mom, what did (you do).' I said, 'I told him not to do it...'"

Eventually, Cissy, Whitney's mom, stepped in and laid down the law; She wanted her daughter back.

"I'm not losing you to the world. I'm not losing you to Satan... I want my daughter back'," Whitney recalled Cissy saying. "She said 'either you do it my way or we'll go on TV and [say] you're gonna retire'."

Cissy eventually obtained a court order and with the help of police officers forced Whitney into a drug treatment program.

What we didn't see in Monday's interview, however, was Whitney's accepting responsibility for her drug use; she seems to blame Bobby. But, from what what Oprah has been saying, that ownership is coming.

[ watch the full interview after the jump ]

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Anonymous said...

Ms Whitney Houston is truly amazing. I have followed her career from her first album and I just admire the strength and endurance she has shown. Remember, no one is perfect and everyone falls short in the eyes of the Lord. Whitney got caught up in the world and fell hard. However, she did not break and she managed to climb out of her lowest point and stand up. People fail to acknowledge that. She can't undo what she has done, but it has made her stronger. And looking at the interview, the one thing that I am certain of is that she is a God-fearing woman. No matter how far she traveled from the right path, she never forgot what "Home" really is. And I do believe that she has acknowledged her part in the drugs by discussing in detail what she took part in. Can't that just be enough? Leave her alone and pray for her. Or is that too much?

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