Thursday, October 22, 2009

FIGHT! NeNe vs Michael Lohan! Go!

We like what The Insider has been doing to draw ratings. They put two strong-minded persons in the same room and let them bite each others heads off. Last time it was Nancy Grace vs Jon Gosselin. Nancy won that fight easily. Now, the show has pit NeNe against Linday's dad Michael Lohan.

She calls him a toxic parent, he calls her fat. She tells him to leave. He does.

PS: You know we love NeNe (really we do), but why is she always screaming? Girl, whatever happened to you going to therapy to get help?

Update: Michael apologized. Sort of.
“I apologize to the producers of ["The Insider"], the viewers and even Miss Leakes for coming back at her, for her attack on me, in the inappropriate manner I did. I do however wish I had known she was on the panel because then I would have known what I was in for and I would have handled things differently," Michael said. “To begin with, she may have children, but none in a crisis situation. Second, for her to call me a broke ass when I am not, but she had a house in foreclosure and 2 cars repoed [sic], I would have addressed that as well."
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Anonymous said...

Thanks. She let him have it!

Anonymous said...

NeNe was not screaming....and she was dead on point. He is a toxic parent, he should be seeking help for his daughter in privately.

Le Nouveau Noir said...

Truth.. Nene is Fat, dumb, hard on the eyes and useless.

Real Truth...

Anonymous said...

Nene Is so damn GHETTO, she swears that she isn't but she is THEE worst!! Who gives a damn about this guy, but regardless- his interview was with the Insider, NoT that MotOr MouTH, NeNe! She is nothing but a RealitY TV scum bag who brags about how RIcH and GreaT things are for her in Atlanta, WEll news flash Lady, the country is in a crisis no one gives a damn how much you throw away on GuccI or how Tardy 4 the Party you are! Psshhh....

Anonymous said...

first off whatever goes on with micheal and lindsay is none of nenes business she is nothing more but a drama Queen! do us all a favor sometimes SHUT THE HELL UP SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!


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