Friday, October 16, 2009

LaToya Fears Michael's 'Murderers' Will Kill Her Next

LaToya Jackson fears she'll suffer the same fate as her brother Michael, whom she's gone on record to say was murdered, because she knows too much about the details of his death.

Since Michael's death, LaToya has done several interviews, sharing her thoughts about the tragedy and now fears she may have been too candid with her comments - and worries she's on a hit list to be silenced.

A family insider claims she believes she has been marked for death by the same people who conspired to kill Michael.

"She is convinced they killed Michael and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to kill her as well," a source told the Globe. "She says too many people have too much to lose if the truth gets out. She fears for her life. She only goes to crowded restaurants and refuses to go to the supermarket when it's dark outside."

Although the tabloid didn't name the source by name, it said the person is from Gary, Indiana, the Jacksons' home town.

Perhaps know something the rest of us don't. She has been spending thousands and thousands of dollars on psychics to communicate with Michael in the after life.

Source: Globe, Oct. 26, print edition.
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Candice said...

Ok, Latoya is going over and beyond with this mess. I never heard her name mentioned soo much in one period of time. Can someone tell this broad to sit down and take a break? Kstherine? Jsnet? anyone??

Anonymous said...

Oh no, here we go again. LaToya always playing the victim. Old man Jack never kicked her ass, he may have slapped her.

Anonymous said...

She is such an attention whore -- it's a shame that she uses her brother even after his death!

Anonymous said...

Ok can someone please make this Attention Whore S.T.F.U! Damn let ur bro rest in peace and stop trying to get attention by using his death, she should be ashamed of her self! I HATE “La Hoe-ya"

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