Friday, October 16, 2009

New Morehouse College Dress Code Discriminates Against Thugs, Drag Queens

Atlanta's Morehouse College rolled out some new rules and they're sure to get a lot of students mad and/or suspended.

The all-male historically black institution, in an effort to “get back to the legacy” of Morehouse leaders, has enacted an "appropriate attire policy."

It includes:
- no caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues

- no sun glasses worn in class or at formal programs

- no jeans at major programs, as well as no sagging pants on campus

- no clothing with derogatory or lewd messages either in words or pictures

- no wearing of pajamas in public spaces

- "decorative orthodontic appliances" (“grillz”, for instance) shall not be worn on the campus or at college-sponsored events.

- no wearing of clothing usually worn by women (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at college-sponsored events.

Students that violate the new rules could face academic suspension.

“We expect our young men to be Renaissance men,” Dr. William Bynum, vice president of the Office of Student Services said. “When people go about campus we want them to represent the college in an appropriate manner....The image of a strong black man needs to be upheld. And if anyone sees this policy as something that is restrictive then maybe Morehouse is not the place for you.”

Obviously, the Morehouse men who enjoy carrying purses, (or, perhaps the ones in the above photos who took part in the school's homecoming fashion show) are not taking this well.

One student told the student newspaper: “The very opposite of change is uniformity. Freedom of expression lives at the root of individuality."

Sidebar: Did you know Hampton University business school in Hampton, Virgina recently announced that students with dreadlocks or braids would have to cut them off to stay in the school? What the hell is going on in the world?!

source photos

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Anonymous said...

Go Morehouse. It was a long time in coming. I definitely agree with these changes. Things were getting really out of hand. If you don't want to abide by these rules then take your money and your values somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the dress code at Morehouse College. The whole thug look is not good. Get an education and dress the part. Good job Morehouse !!

Anonymous said...

HIP HIP HOORAY, Morehouse! (Not hip hop hooray) It's about time! I'm female and I want to spit everytime I see a young man looking like he just got out of prison! And to the "One student (who) told the student newspaper: “The very opposite of change is uniformity. Freedom of expression lives at the root of individuality." Uh, hey Einstein, how much individuality is there when 10 out of 10 of you are lined up with your pants hanging off your asses?????

On the other hand, could one of you young ass-showing men please explain WHY you think it's okay to look sloppy and trashy and like a misfit? Help me understand. And if your answer is, because it's a trend, then I'll repeat, how is being trendy an "individual" act when you look like everyone else. Trendy is the definition of uniformity!

Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy that this dress code has been instituted and will be enforced-I am amazed at the number of young men who think it's quite alright to show everyone their underwear, whether it's clean or not! A dress??? Who does that nonsense at such a prestigious institution? It's time that someone took a stand against this type of BS-if there are those feeling disgruntled because of this decision, then the choice to leave is yours-just think if you don't go to school, don't have a job, you can go to one of the state facilities where your dresses, thongs, grillz, feathers and doo rags will be greatly appreciated-sag your pants and show your asses and you will definitely draw all the attention that you seem to want!

Anonymous said...

From a Morehouse Parent; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Morehouse for redirecting our young men back to basics starting with respect. Repsect for themselves, their families and their community. Walking around with ones pants below their butt as if they are telling everyone that looks at them to kiss their behind,(for no apparent reason), is just plain rude and quite frankly looks extremely stupid. I hope schools around the country, especially those in our urban neighborhoods/cities, follow your lead.

And a word about "freedom of expression" It's a wonderful thing. However, not all "expressions" are appropriate in all places, at all times. I think it's fair for Morehouse College, an all male institution, to demand that their students dress as respectful young men. For those young men who wish to dress as a woman in an all male college....... HELLO, Morehouse is not coed. After you graduate, you'll have all the freedom you want to "express" yourself.

Anonymous said...

The policy is long overdue and oh so very welcomed! Those who have a problem with it, as it is stated by this PRIVATE institution can pack their bags and leave. I am sure there is a college ready and willing to take them and their desire to make their own rules. When they become successful and can found their own college, then they and their administration can open the flood gates to self expression at any cost. At Morehouse, the message is loud and clear and the traditions and legacy are more important than their desires to "DO YOU". Kudos to the Morehouse administration for FINALLY laying down the law!

Anonymous said...

IT’s about time…. Congratulations Morehouse on the dress code. Hooray for trying to reintroduce some semblance of civility on campus and hopefully it will spill over into local communities. How would these men feel if instructors or most females dressed in the manner they do? Would not be surprised if students would not call 911 if they saw instructors coming to call with 1, 2 03 underwear showing. I hope other academic institutions take the GREAT LEAD OF MOREHOUSE.
It’s about time. Hopefully, the clothing industries/ retail establishments, professional athletes, entertainers will help with this out-of control fashion epidemic. And don't overlook the excessive tattoos that can potentially result in hepatitis B. Please do not back down from your stand on the dress code. Hopefully all schools will rally around the Morehouse dress code.
Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

why can't they do this in EVERY learning institution from the community college to the ivy leagues?

thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

i agree with some of the rules but honestly this is not going to help them become more "professional" first of their in college because they want to be there not because its required they also should have a right to wear what they want WE ARE IN AMERICA. i believe that most of these rules should be effect eventhough Atlanta has a highly gay rate i dont think its accepted for guys to walk around in girl materials,but banning wearing pajamas in public are u serious as a college student theirs nothing wrong with that i know that i wouldnt wear that to a interview,work or etc. and u cant have dreads? what happen to freedom or speach its sounding like a prison then a college institution to me!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, it really doesnt matter as long as these kids are getting an education...clothes or money do not make you who you are, TI is a very intelligent individual who went to school but when its time for him to perform or do a video what does he wear???? baggy jeans n a T because that's who he is....

Anonymous said...

I think it's a red herring. People should be able to dress the way it makes them feel most comfortable, "the man makes the clothes the clothes don't make the man..." To often in society people get hung up on outer appearances, as if how people choose to express themselves, by what they are wearing makes them a better, honest and more trustworthy person, "Not!!!" Just look at Television and the example is clearly set, 3 piece business suit wearing swindlers dominate the screen, ie. Bernie Madoff, he walked the walked, certainly talked the talk, and definitely looked the part, and also ripped people off for millions. While I do understand the vein that he and his faculty are coming from and applaud his desire to seek the change for the overall good of the community, true change is from the inside out not the outside in. He should seek to change the hearts of men, and have them look at themselves from a different vantage point and see their worth as opposed to changing a dress code and telling them and the world that most of their worth is garnered from the fact that they dress well, instead of the fact that they are men who deserve respect because they are human.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful step in the right direction. The real red herring is the threat that the Gay agenda poses to black men: For centuries, entitled white men have objectified women; now they seek to objectify black men as well. I pray that young black men understand the dangers of accepting the white-male Establishment’s Gay agenda. Young black boys have enough to struggle against in this unkind world; and adding the sexually- charged “objectifying gaze of empowered white men” to the myriad of items black boys must overcome, is an unacceptable consequence of the Gay cause.

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