Friday, October 16, 2009

Wendy's TV Show Gets 'BLACK-lash,' Begs Omarosa to Return

Since the start of Wendy's TV show it was apparent it will be devoid of any A-, B- or C-list celebrities, but it's also been crystal clear that the show will not attract any big-named African American stars, either.

And there's a good reason for that. Why we love Wendy, is also the same reason celebrities are avoiding her like she has swine flu.

"Wendy isn't that far removed from her days of bashing black Hollywood's who's who on her radio show, and people have long memories," a staffer on her TV show tells the Daily News."Producers are begging the biggest stars in the business to come on the show, but they're getting turned down flat."

They're calling it the "Wendy BLACK-lash."

Whitney, Mariah, Diddy, LL Cool J, Tyler Perry and Usher were cited in the article as some of the stars who've told her to put that where -- waaaay back there.

If you ever listened to Wendy on the radio, you know she's said repeatedly she's a loner and didn't need guests to make her then radio show successful so she was able to talk about whomever she pleased, whenever she pleased. And she often did. Since she got the TV show, however, she changed.

Apparently, the TV show's ratings are less than stellar and in a last ditch effort to save it, producers are asking Omarosa (with whom Wendy had an epic on-air fight during her six-week sneak-peak in 2008) to make a return.

But apparently the producers haven't been reading the blogs or newspapers. Omarosa is a changed woman. She's in seminary school on her way to become a preacher.

Here's the 2008 Omarosa interview.

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