Friday, October 16, 2009

Roxanne Shanté is a Liar

Former rapper Roxanne Shanté's tale that she contracted with record companies to pay for her education which led into her earning a PhD from Cornell sounded too good to be true. And it was. Immediately after the story was published, it was debunked and when asked to clarify and provide proof that she had, in fact, obtained a PhD, or that the writer of the original piece had made "mistakes" in the article she couldn't.

It took a while, but Roxanne has issued an apology. Well, sort of.
I would like to thank my long time fans and supporters for your continued support. I am humbled and grateful to all of you for that. Without going into all of the details as of right now, I would like to apologize that this story regarding my post recording career has caused such a ruckus. The entire story will be revealed at a later time.

Throughout my career and life, I have been faced with many challenges, both professionally and personally. Like all of you, I am human, and may have not made the correct decision all the time. And, like anyone else, I would like to think that my entire life or career is not judged by one error or mistake.

It is very easy to criticize someone and I have left myself open to criticism. That is fair. There are plenty of people that will attest that I have done a lot for them. It seems though, that negativity gets more attention than positivity.

All I can say to that, is before you level any further criticism and cynicism, walk in my shoes. I am making this statement to apologize to the people that truly care about me for any angst that this situation has caused, and to thank them for their continued support. I am proud of what I have been able to do for so many others, and would like to let those persons know that I will continue to be there for them no matter what.

I am proud that during my twenty plus years as a pioneer in the Hip-Hop industry, to have opened doors for those who came after me, such as MC Lyte, Salt N Peppa, and Queen Latifah to name a few. I will have no further statement in regards to this matter at this time."

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Anonymous said...

go on girl! shante that bish. always putting them other rapping heffas in check. i think she's on to somthing.. mc lyte, queen latifah.. hmmm.. just sayin, how them doin!

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