Friday, October 16, 2009

Madonna Was About Alienate Her Entire Black Fan Base

Did you know Madonna was flirting with the idea of creating majah drama last year when she released the CD titled Hard Candy?

Well, before choosing that title, Madonna was considering naming the album Black Madonna and even went so far as shoot the cover wearing blackface make-up with white eyes.

But she quickly wisened up and realized the whole idea was stupid and would be too controversial.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine:

"I painted my face black, except for red lips and white eyes. It was a play on words. Have you ever heard of the Black Madonna? It has layers of meaning, and, for a minute, I thought it would be a fun title... Then I thought, '25 per cent of the world might get this, probably less, it's not worth it.'"

Umm, yeah!

Sidebar: We are so distracted by that coat. Where can we get one?
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