Friday, October 2, 2009

What's Not in Mackenzie Phillips' Already Shocking Book

Recently former actress Mackenzie Phillips dropped a bombshell, an utterly sickening revelation -- her father, John Phillips, raped her the night before her wedding in August 1979. By now you know how the rest of the story goes: Mackenzie had a decade-long consensual incestuous relationship with her biological father and even had a pregnancy scare.

But one tidbit missing from her memoir is that her ex-husband Jeff Sessler, a gofer for the Rolling Stones, offered her as a sex toy to his good friend.

Rick Breitstein tells the National Enquirer he was honeymooning with his wife in Los Angeles. The couple and other friends visited Mackenzie and Jeff on the set of "One Day at a Time". After catching up, the group decided to head back to a hotel where Mackenzie and Jeff were staying to do some lines.

"We did cocaine and Quaaludes all night," Rick says. "At that time, Mackenzie was getting in trouble with the show for her drug use and was saying how she had to hide her cocaine. She had this fake fountain pen which she could put cocaine in and that's how she was snorting it that night. We'd do cocaine for a while, then Quaaludes, then more cocaine."


After endless supplies of coke, Rick says Jeff flat-out asked him if he wanted to engage in a little wife-swapping.

"He came right out and said, 'Do you want to swap wives?' He was absolutely serious!"

Rick (pictured above with his wife, in pink, with Jeff and Mackenzie) said he declined his good friend's offer.

He said Mackenize and Jeff were only married for a few weeks before at the time of offer. The report doesn't say if Mackenzie was aware Jeff was attempting to pimp her out.

Jeff and Mackenzie were married for seven months.

Source: National Enquirer, Oct. 12, print edition

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