Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Fag'-Tweeter, Accused Woman-Beater Larry Johnson is Not in Kansas Anymore

And he's outta there! Running back Larry Johnson was just let go (read: fired) by the Kansas City Chiefs.

What Had Happened Was: Two weeks ago Larry publicly questioned his coach Todd Haley's competence on and called a man a "faggot" on Twitter. Of, course! His actual tweet was: "think bout a clever diss then that wit ur faggot pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u." The day after tweeting the gay slur, he used it again -- in front of the media! While in the locker room, he told reporters: "I'm not talking till Thursday" and then, whispering, "Get your faggot ass out of here."


Suffice it to say, those comments caused a shitstorm of controversy and the Chiefs organization, citing "Conduct Detrimental to the Club" suspended Larry for two weeks.

He was fired yesterday, the day he was scheduled to come back from his two-week suspension

Earlier this year he pleaded guilty to assaulting two women - pushing one and spat in the face of another. He was also rumored to be dating Chili (of TLC fame).

But wait, there's more: According to our friend Wikipedia, "Larry has been arrested four times since 2003 on various assault charges against women. In 2003, he was arrested for felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery for waving a gun at his then-girlfriend, during an argument at his home. The charges were dropped when Johnson agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program. In 2005, he was again arrested for assault when a woman accused Johnson of pushing her to the ground, but the case was dropped after the alleged victim failed to appear in court for three different hearings."

So, not only does he offends gays, he assaults women, too.

How You......


source source 2

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Anonymous said...

Damn Jigga, you like them thick I see. And VIOLENT! Are we going to ignore the elephant in the Trump Towers wearing the Roc Chain? :in Wendy voice: Mmm hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I live in KC and has met him and his entourage at a local nightclub. He is a very rude and disrepectful man. Granted, women run to him as if he was Adonis; however, he handles it with such a lack of class. Let me say this, I truly, truly believe that Larry Johnson is gay. He is very bold and strong when it comes to women. He has no problems throwing down women at clubs, or throwing drinks on them, and so on. However, I have NEVER seen or heard of him doing anything to a man at these clubs. He NEVER get out of line with a man. I think that he is underground gay and doesn't want to admit it. It is just something about him that creates that vibe. I know other guys on the Chiefs who questioned him. He is truly a stuckup, arrogant a**hole and Chief fans were thrilled about his termination. A petition was even made by the fans requesting that he would not play and break Priest Holmes record because we are just fed up with him. He thinks he is a hot shot, let's see him now. NOTE: Be careful women of whatever city he may go to. He is going to be the same, ignorant, abusive man there as he was here.

rakeback said...

The sad reality in life is that if you are talented enough people will continually overlook offensive and illegal behavior.

rakeback said...

It's sad, but if you are talented enough people are willing to overlook a lot of shortcomings, even illegal and immoral behavior.

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