Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Former VH1 Reality Show Contestant Makes Date Rape Allegations

Brittanya O’Campo, one of those chicks from the VH1 shows "Rock of Love" and "Charm School", has filed a police report claiming she was date raped last Friday night.

The folks over at the The Dirty have been on this case for a while now and even published a nude photo of Brittanya slumped over after the alleged crime.

But the story even gets more bizarre. The alleged rapist, a Portland, Ore. club promoter, rumored to be called Dusty, says the sex was consensual and even thanked Brittanya for the one night of, um, passion. He told her: "I can not even believe last night!!! I had sooo much fun tho." He did this on Twitter, of course!

Now another man has come to Brittanya's defense. Andrew Vrakas, Director of Operations, for I Love VH1 Party (who? what?) sent a letter to The Dirty asking them to remove the photo and to add, that while Brittanya may be a drunk who sleeps around, she would never willingly have sex with a promoter. Never.

"She said she believes someone put something in her drink because she only had 3 drinks and is known for keeping control. She is pressing charges against the perps and has hired a layer to go after anyone who needs to be gone after... I'm a promoter and I know Brittanya well. I know she is no angel, but I know she doesn't screw promoters.. maybe celebs... but not a lowly promoter! She seems likes a bad ass, but she is a sweetheart and a mother with an 8-year-old son."

Really? A sweetheart? Did he see her on any of those VH1 shows and didn't she say she's a violent person who hates kids and is a bad mother?

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Anonymous said...

Hoenstly I feel sorry for her if it did happen. But you gotta see who you are and need to realize your surroundings and the situations that you are in. Come on you're a grown ass woman with a kid and this is how you run your life and expect respect? I don't think so!

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