Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Madonna, Brandy Wanted 'Precious', Sapphire Told Them No and No

We all agree: Precious, despite Mo'Nique's reluctance to promote it, will win several Oscars next year, right? She'll probably win one, too. That's if she hasn't already sabotaged herself.

The powerful film about an obese, illiterate, HIV+ teenage girl who is sexually molested by her parents (yes, plural) has had its share of behind-the-scenes drama.

According to Sapphire, author of the book Push which the film is based on, Madonna wanted to produce it. Sapphire (pictured, center) told her no. And Brandy wanted to play the role of Precious. Sapphire said hell to the noooo!

"There was this really earnest college student with his backpack on who wanted to do his first film, and then Madonna wanted to produce it. I was like, 'Madonna? I don't think this is her film," she tells Entertainment Weekly. "This one producer told me he had found Precious - and it was going to be Brandy. Excuse me? I literally almost hung up on him."

Brandy, really?! Frankly, we don't blame Sapphire.

In the end she entrusted director Lee Daniels with her baby and he didn't disappoint.

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Le Nouveau Noir said...

Sapphire needs to step up her Appearance for the media...

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